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Film lovers were in for a treat during the 18th International Film Festival of Kerala (IFFK) organized by Kerala State Chalachitra Academy. The festival which started on December 6, 2013 showcased over 200 films from 60 countries marking it as one of the most popular film festivals in the world.

The large number of delegates outnumbered the records of the previous years, emphasizing active participation from the media students and other film buffs. Around 10,000 delegates attended IFFK making the festival a remarkable one. The number of youngsters marked an alarming increment which revealed that cinema is being viewed more seriously, upholding the value of art. The bygone film festival was also popular and had screened a good number of films from various languages while 90% of the eminent directors were new in the industry

The female representation stood a notable factor in the festival scenario. 12 women directors came up with their movies which were noticed and mentioned in the main stream media. The number of women delegates was also surprisingly high in comparison with the past few years. The equal participation of men and women was appreciated and mentioned in the festival as well as widely in the media during the film season. Beena Paul, the artistic director of IFFK ensures and exemplifies the female participation in the 18th IFFK.

The 18th International Film Festival of Kerela

The 18th International Film Festival of Kerela

The film festival was also highly criticized in many aspects. Selection of movies and planning of the shows created confusion among the viewers. The theatre allocations, the last minute alterations and the change in time schedule troubled the audience. Moreover managing the huge crowd stood as a herculean task in the show.

The presence of many personalities from the film fraternity enriched the occasion. South Korean movie maker Kim Ki- Duk and veteran Spanish film maker Carlos Saura extended and shared their experiences with the festival audience. ‘Television’, ‘Meghe Dhaka Tara’, ‘Errata’, ‘The Hunt’, ‘Ilo Ilo’, ‘Story teller’, ‘Rocket’, ‘Blue is the warmest color’, ‘Moebius’ etc are a few to mention in that long list of movies that were screened. ‘Parviz’, an Iranian movie directed by Majid Barzegar bagged the Golden Crow Pheasant award.

As the curtain of the film festival descended, marking their presence in that splendid platform, the delegates said to each other, “We shall meet next year” and they left with a handful of good memories intertwined with world class movies.