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Felicity 2014 – Going ahead full throttle
Image courtesy: IIIT H

 IIIT Hyderabad is going ahead full throttle with Felicity 2014. With a staggering participation of 2300 from over 25 countries in its online events in January, students can now look forward to its campus events from 21st to 23rd February.
Felicity 2014, the annual college fest  organized by International Institute of Information Technology, Hyderabad (IIIT-H) is focused on showcasing talent in various fields; technical, literary, art and culture. This year’s theme being vibrant villages will have visitors exploring life in the countryside through cultural expositions in the campus.

The Campus events
The fest will begin with a paper presentation with no limitation on the subject of presentation.  Sessions with dignitaries such as Mr Pullela Gopichand, Mrs Sunita Krishnan and Mr Krishnamurthy Subramanian have been added to the fest agenda. Various events on coding, circuit design and problem solving will take place. Another highlight of the fest is Robo Rally, a robot race though a specified path is supposed to bring techies and racing fans together.

Literary events

Karakshetra and Literary Café will have students make short stories and indulge in various forms of design. Concerts by Kryptos and Lagori will take place in the evening.


Inner Sanctum performance at Felicity 2012
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Online events
The threads’ website is a true geek website with an actual terminal user interface as an introduction screen with green text on a black screen and the blinking cursor. The online events were on coding, puzzle solving, equity shares and even design. The results were quite interesting and the event witnessed active participation from an international student community.The winners will receive prizes worth Rs. 1 lakh during the 3-day-fest.

Started in 2012, the fest has come a long way – it is now one of the largest college fests in the country attracting more than 8000 visitors during its three-day.

With such a momentum built up from its recent online activity and past successes, the student community has a treat in store for them.