There’s election fever on the campus.  It seems to have excited not just the contesting student groups and the candidates but also the campus community in general, voters in particular, for more than one reason.
For the first time perhaps, a woman candidate is running for the post of President and campaigning is happening both on and off campus. No, we don’t mean on another university campus, but on social media.  Facebook Pages and colourful banners are making their presence and some banners are even eliciting interesting responses. One can safely assume that there will be a lot of tweeting happening too, just by way of making their presence felt in the virtual space, if not anything else.
And for the first time too, Presidential candidates will also get to air their manifestos on Bol Hyderabad, your campus radio station.
Your favorite Aggregate, will be on the job covering the University of Hyderabad Students’ Union elections on October 30, 2013 too.
We know for sure that you’d be interested in the run up to the elections too. Which is why, 16 of our reporters will be all over the campus with their ears to the ground, capturing every moment in the run up to the election and will also be tweeting it live.
We are as excited as you are. But believe us, we won’t allow our excitement to take over objectivity in covering these elections.
We will report it. As it unfolds. Right up to the coronation, as they say!
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