By Jeevan Kumar

Prof. E. Haribabu, Pro Vice Chancellor of UoH along with Prof. B. Raja Shekar, University Registrar, T. Sidhardha Reddy, University Chief Engineer and Prof. B.V. Sharma, Dean of Students’ Welfare (DSW) visited Mens Hostel-C, NRS Hostel, Annexe Hostel and Ladies’ Hostel complex in the main campus after the student alliance of ASA-TSA-BSF-TSF-MSF-DSU protested, demanding to resolve the problems of hostel residents. The visit lasted six hours.

Here is a list of what was found in the visit:

  • Most of the water purifiers in MH are not working. There is no facility for drinking water in MH – C and Annex Hostel.
  • Only one water purifier, which is in the mess, is functioning well in the entire LH complex.
  • There are frequent instances of snakes being found under the broken tiles of toilets in Annex Hostel and LH.
  • Toilets in Men’s Hostels (MH) and Ladies’ Hostels (LH) are not hygienic.
  • In MH – C most bathrooms on the ground floor have not been renovated for years. Leaking water from the bathroom has formed algae and fungus on the walls of the adjoining rooms.
  • In LH – 7 the students have not been properly accommodated. This has resulted in the conversion of the common room into a living room.
  • Most of the residents of LH- 7 are Integrated students who have classes in south campus. Not only do they have improper transport facilities but the timings of the shuttle service and their classes clash, too.  
  • Bathrooms in LH 2, 3 and 4 are in pathetic condition. The doors of bathrooms are broken and heaters do not work properly. Electric wires of the switch boards and water heaters are exposed which is very dangerous.
  • There is no lighting in front of the hostels in LH complex. It is very difficult to move around during night.
  • Residents of LH complained that the quality of the food which is being served in the mess is very poor. There is no proper menu being followed in the mess.
  • The waste disposal system in LH is pathetic.
  • Leaking drainage water from LH-1 is causing many health problems.