Ankitha Naishadham

The job fair conducted by the University last year was successful. More than half of the students got selected by the top notch companies. Starting with an annual package of Rs. 4.5 lakh, the emoluments touched highest at Rs. 7.2 Lakh offered by Cavium Networks. This was a first time in the history of the University when a placement drive was organised. This academic year is also set to experience much more upshot as the placements have already begun.

Speaking about the job fair, University PRO Ashish Jacob Thomas said, “The overall response was positive but it seemed like there was a lack of interest on the part of the students. About 600 students registered for the job fair but only 200 turned up”. He also added that “Students should improve their soft skills as it is the first thing recruiters look for in the candidates.” As last year was the first time the University organized the drive, arrangements were delayed and as a results only a few companies were able to visit the campus. Keeping in mind last year’s shortcoming, Upendra, placement cell advisor said, “We have already started the process. With full support and co-ordination from the faculty and students we are planning to conduct the job fair in October or November this year”. On 12th August Tera Data visited the campus and recruited 4 students. HSBC and TCS have already lined up for the placements drive which is scheduled to take place in September.

“Students should improve their soft skills as it is the first thing recruiters look for in the candidates.”

Detailing on the works done by the placement cell, Mr. Upendra said the cell will conduct regular meetings with the faculty in-charge and the students’ representatives from each department. “To bring more companies and better placement opportunities the faculty members and students should work together in coordination with the cell”. Backing this, Ashish Jacob  added, “Currently the placement cell is totally understaffed. We have only one person to look after the placement related matters for the whole university. This is reason we request the departments and schools to come forward and work with us wholeheartedly”.

The placement cell this year will invite recruiters offering minimum package of Rs. 3.5 lakh. Also a minimum of 7.5 CGPA is expected from students.