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collage of filmmaking groups in campus

Groups of filmmakers in UoH

Kim Ki Duk, Christopher Nolan, Terrance Malik, Bedabrato Pain, Farhan Aktar are names film buffs know. But are you aware that these giants, who blow the spectators’ mind with their magnificent work, are not professionally trained?  All their films are a result of their sheer perseverance, quench for being creative and love for the visual medium.

The University of Hyderabad is also home to students who believe the same and these ‘untrained’ independent filmmakers in the campus would unequivocally say that they made their films, music videos and documentaries out of their passion for cinema.

The independent filmmakers on campus come from different departments and include individuals or groups who make films under their w banners. They usually produce low budget short films and music videos that are typically shot in and around the university premises so that the student community can relate to them with their own memories and experience.

Chinni Prakash Nandi, who is a research scholar in comparative literature, produces films that can be categorized in different genres. An ardent admirer of Ingmar Bergman, an eminent Swedish director, Nandi loves experimenting with treatment and narration in films.  The Tramp, Fly Catcher, The Window, Balloons, Khuli Khidiki, The 7th bowl and The Lotus Pond are his films. Many of them have been nominated for several awards and have also won in festivals like International Children’s Film Festival and SiGNS Film Festival, Kerala 2013

The group, 210 films are popular in the campus for their ‘Hello Sukoon’ music video.  The group made a steady cam using PVC pipes and produced music videos that were a visual feast for the campus fest ‘Sukoon’. They also have a tilt-shift experiment video on the campus called ‘Nano UoH’. Visham, Visham-2, Boy with a Kite, Wanted No More, Yu-me (which bagged the first prize in short film competition in Sukoon) are some of the films to their credit. The people behind the 210 films are Arun Thachoth, Anirudh, Karthik and Mahendar.

Members of Sonsi Creations

Members of Sonsi Creations

Sandeep Gowtham, who is pursuing his second year M.A. in Political science is an upcoming filmmaker who has made short films in Telugu as well as English like I Quit, It’s a guy thing, Modern times, I am a street light and The Unknown. Having spent five years in the campus, his film themes are based on his observations here.

Emos films is a banner whose approach to films differ. They consider film making as a medium for conveying the technical and political scenario of the society.This can be seen in their movies like View point, Emos- in the Dead Sea, Seasons- the floating islands, and The Butterflies in the Belly. The students’of Emos areAnunad Murali, Thufail Koran, Varun Ravi, Akshay and Raoofkadavanad

Sonsi Creations by Sion Ross, Nishat S, Ajay Sakarwal and Karthik Khanna form a vibrant group, who love making campus films. Their films include Cocktail, Reverie, Nemesis and The Park.  The group gives more importance to the technical aspects of movie making and they say that it is a collage of creativity, technical knowledge and imagination.

Taking time from academia to follow a passion and venture into an unknown field, takes courage and these students and groups deserve some praise and recognition. Their films can be found on YouTube.