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By Sameena Kenaz “Bhaiyya! Nampally chaltey kya?” “Hau Saab. Sattar rupaye!” “Kyu? Meter nahi chalra kya?” “Chalra Saab!  Par waha pe traffic rehti, petrol ka karcha…” “Bhaiyya Nampally bole, Begumpet nahi, sahi sunne aap?!” This was an argument that took place between an auto-rickshaw driver and a potential passenger, on a day when the poor man probably had the time and patience to stand in the sun and discuss the auto-driver’s arrogances. There are many that deal with such atrocious demands everyday owing to the fact that it is one of the most common modes of transport in our...

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Tomato repository at the Department of Plant Sciences, UoH

By Saloni N A tilling project in the Department of Plant Sciences in the University (in 2005) isolated several mutants in tomato and an idea of a repository, where they could be stored, was conceptualized. But it needed funds and special facilities. The need for facilities was met when Prof K. Vijay Raghavan inaugurated the Repository of Tomato Genomic Resources (RTGR) building on September 2, 2013. Prof K. Vijay Raghavan, is secretary Department of Biotechnology, Government of India. The repository is a brain-child of Prof. Rameshwar Sharma, Department of Plant Sciences and Head of RTGR. “Sir had an idea of a repository, a collection house and resource centre, says P. Rachna, PhD scholar specializing in functional genomics. In the current setup they have 10 green-houses and a field with drip irrigation to grow tomatoes in. There are 5 to 6 field assistants. They follow crop rotation, to fix nitrogen levels in the nodules and are currently growing jute in the field till November, which is the best season for tomatoes. The major aim of RTGR is functional characterization of all tomato genes through the use of mutants and other methods. RTGR is funded by several agencies and has seed storage and other top notch facilities. The foundation stone for the building was laid down a year back and since March the building has been functional. Explaining the importance of tomato Rakesh Kumar,...

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Hyderabad’s Art Adda, Lamakaan

By Rebecca Vargese Lamakaan resonates with the sounds of music, laughter and life. Considered to be one of the hottest spots of youth culture and what the young Hyderabadi represents, it is situated in one of the swankiest parts of town, Banjara Hills. Started by a gang of friends Ashhar Farhan, Humera Ahmed and Elahe Hiptoola; Lamakaan finally turns three this year. Lamakaan, an Urdu word, translating to “an artist’s abode” stays true to its ideology by promoting pure art forms. Situated among a beautiful natural rock formation, this house turned hangout is open six days a week from Tuesdays...

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Great beginning to a second inning

By Nalme Nachiyar Project Akshara’s Phase II marked by greater enthusiasm and participation On one side, there is a broken gate with no security guard, and on the other, an unclean toilet. A washing area with few rice grains that are remnants of the day’s mid-day meals, a drinking water pipe that has long gone dry and rundown buildings that are badly in need of repairs, are seen too. Just as you begin to worry over the state of the infrastructure, the rhythmic chant of ABCD fills the air. You turn around to find 15-20 eight-year olds sitting in...

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Shades of freedom

By Saloni N Our preamble states that India is a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic and we recently celebrated 67 years of freedom. But there are several issues that are a threat to different kinds of freedom; the freedom to know, to choose and to express. And this threat is coming from our Parliamentarians and country-men. The Parliament which can rarely come to a consensus and wastes useful working hours and money in walk-outs and logjams, quickly passed ‘contentious’ amendments in the Representation of the People Act (RP Act) in the Monsoon session, allowing it to keep criminality among...

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‘Graduation’ to a life of ‘swadhyaya’

By Nalme Nachiyar & Rebecca Vargese It was a moment of pride and excitement for over 1400 students who graduated amidst the applause and wishes of their parents, teachers and peers at the Global Peace Auditorium, the venue of the fifteenth convocation of the University of Hyderabad held on Tuesday. The joyous moment of the animated students took the Chief Guest Padmasri Prof. T.V Ramakrishnan, Eminent Physicist and Professor Emeritus, Banaras Hindu University (BHU), down his memory lane. Calling himself a ‘lifelong student’, in his convocation address, he called upon the students to be willing to learn throughout their...

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The return of the old Sabbath

By Donboklang Majaw After the live album Reunion (1998), this is the first ever re-union that Black Sabbath has had with Ozzy Osbourne. Read on the review of their most recent album, Black Sabbath -13.      3.8/5 For a band that is synonymous with Metal, it’s quite a privilege for me as I review this album by Black Sabbath. As a modern Sabbath fan, I was drawn more to the Heaven and Hell album (1980) than the earlier ones. There is a sort of a polite conflict between fans as to who is more amended: Ozzy Osbourne or Ronnie James Dio (RIP)....

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