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The volleyball players of Shepards’ Team

Jeevan Kumar They all came to the volleyball court directly from the fields after handing their cattle to their friends to feed. They looked tired even before the match had begun. But as soon as the referee blew the whistle, their focus was on the match. Shuffling their bare feet to avoid the prickly stones, some of them were wearing Lungis while their rival team were in their sports uniforms. They are not professional players but we don’t see any differences between the two teams as they start playing. They’re all tribals from the small village Timmapur of Adilabad...

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Mudgal Committee Report – Another skeleton from the BCCI closet

Keshav Vivek The Justice Mudgal Committee report tabled to the Supreme Court has set the cat amongst the pigeons. In a comprehensive set of findings, it has put in dock the entire cricket set-up of the country. From the BCCI to its President – N. Srinivasan, the IPL, its franchises and franchise owners, players and even the Indian cricket team. Presided over by Justice Mukul Mudgal, Additional Solicitor General L. Nageswara Rao, and Advocate Nilay Dutta, the Committee looked into allegations of betting and match-fixing associated with the Indian Premiere League. At the heart of the controversy is the...

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UoH through the photographer’s lens

Shwetha Sukumaran Many see, some visualize and a few capture. The images have a hundred stories to tell. Neatly woven sun rays, branching trees, dense foliage, long roads running the distance, a multiplicity of expressions on gazing faces, birds frozen at the moment of flight, wisps of smoke rising from piping hot tea cups, lakes and rocks in all their hues and shades – there is no end to the images that enthrall viewers. University of Hyderabad can put a spell on visitors with its stunning campus. Picturesque like few other places in the city, it draws in lovers...

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A new ‘formula’ for Formula 1?

Rebecca Vargese With the Formula 1 2014 season set to take off at Melbourne, Australia on March 16, team bosses, engineers, drivers, fans and rivals await final details about the cars before the start of the season. The test session at Jerez proved disastrous for the 2013 champion, Red Bull Racing and for Renault, while Mercedes clocked in 309 laps. 2014 has spelt a slew of changes for the F1 teams with the 2.4 litre V8 engines being replaced with almost a downgrade to the 1.6 litre V6 engines, which in turn means the engines will produce around 600bhp; almost 140bhp less than the previous engines. Hoping to boost power, the new ERS (Energy Recovery System) uses similar technology like the KERS (Kinectic Energy Recovery System) that harnesses energy from the rear axle while braking, plus an electric motor which will harness energy from the turbo that would otherwise be lost as heat. This system should provide 160bhp for 33 seconds per lap, a significant increase from the previous 80bhp for six seconds per lap last season. With the ERS system producing a larger quantity of heat along with the gearbox, hydraulics and oil which require cooling, the situation changes drastically. Apart from specifications for the nose height and the front wing width being reduced, the aerodynamics of the car has seen alteration and so has the design of...

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News that isn’t

Nalme Nachiyar ‘Government to issue protest cards, only those with valid cards may protest’ declares one. ‘Greek Delegation visits New Delhi to study direct democracy from AAP’ harps another. ‘New eye-patches available in the market for men who say women should not wear short clothes’ states a third. It isn’t difficult to guess that these are headlines of news stories. But one may fail to notice that none of them are true. In fact, all are fictional headlines of fake news reports fabricated by online portals that go by the moniker of ‘news satire websites’. News satire, also famous as fake news, is a type of parody where fictional content is packaged in the form of a mainstream news story and the style of writing borders on the sarcastic and farcical. It has been around as long as conventional journalism but it is only post-2007 that it gained currency in India. The growing preference for online content has only added to its tremendous popularity among the average Indian news reader. Today India has a number of websites like Faking News, UnReal Times, News That Matters Not, Mocking Now, Farzi News, and The Indian Satire which stoke the readers’ interest in current affairs and cater to their sense of humour. Shree D. N., Associate Editor at Citizen Matters, a Bangalore based online news magazine says that she follows satirical news...

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Writer Anees Salim’s ‘Vanity Bagh’ marks a stunning debut

Sridevi Narayanan When he decided to quit studies at the age of 16 and began to visit places and people who brought him face to face with different cultures and languages, few would have thought that one day he would go on to publish four books within a year, that too with the likes of Harper Collins, Amaryllis and Picador. Not only did he get published, he went on to win a prestigious award – the Hindu Literary Prize 2013. The story of Anees Salim is one that is bound to amaze and inspire young writers. Being rejected by publishers many times over did not make the 42 year old give up.  He decided to write more books. It was in 2009 that he decided to try his luck with a young Indian agent – a decision that saw him getting three novels published. Titles like The Vicks Mango Tree, Tales from a Vending Machine and The Blind Lady’s Descendents would mark. Anees, who heads the creative department of an advertising agency in Kochi, feels that his characters reflect a bit of his experience. An avid traveller, he began exploring at a young age. “After dropping out, I travelled a bit, started reading and writing. More importantly, I started dreaming and I read upon the subject, visit places where my book is set and, of course, depend on Google...

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Russia outdoes Summer Olympics with Sochi Games

Keshav Vivek Sochi – bigger and better Few in India would have heard of the Winter Olympics. Fewer still of Sochi. So what exactly is the hullabaloo about? If it’s sport it must be football. And that means the 2014 FIFA World Cup. But 2014 happens to be the year when another major sporting event will take place, the 22nd Winter Olympics to be precise. A multi-sport event, the Winter Olympics might not be taken seriously in tropical countries like India but they mean a lot to Europeans and North Americans. With 98 events scheduled across 7 sports and 15 disciplines, they will...

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Time to slow down

Keshav Vivek Abraham Lincoln once said “Nearly all men can stand adversity, but if you want to test a man’s character, give him power.” These words might be playing out in a most unexpected manner for Aam Aadmi Party’s newly elected government in Delhi. Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has his hands full, with one controversy after another rocking his precariously positioned regime. The 2013 Delhi Legislative Assembly victory already seems to be a thing of the past. Both the Congress and the BJP were stunned by the show Arvind and Company put up. Though they won only 29.49 percent...

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France slaps Google with a 1 Bn Euro tax

PTI  French authorities have decided to make a tax claim of 1 billion euros against Google following a probe into the tax strategies by the US Internet giant, Le Point magazine reported.  A Google spokesman in France declined to comment on the report, saying the company does not comment on rumours. The French finance ministry also declined to comment, citing tax confidentiality. France is one of a growing number of cash-strapped nations to pursue more aggressively what they see as abuse of tax and accounting rules that allows some multinational companies to pay less tax. French tax inspectors searched Google’s Paris offices in June 2011 as it opened a probe into how the company implements transfer pricing between its different units, a strategy many multinationals use to shift revenue and tax liability between countries. Google has reduced the amount of tax it pays in France by funnelling most of its revenue through a Dutch-registered intermediary and then to a Bermuda-registered holding, Google Ireland Limited, before reporting it in low-tax Ireland. According to court documents obtained by AFP, Google France reported 192.9 million euros of revenue in 2012, and paid 6.5 million euros in tax on the 8.3 million euros of net profit it earned. Industry analysts estimate that Google generated between 1.25 and 1.4 billion euros in revenue in France in 2011, mainly from Internet advertising. Last year the...

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Media welcomes Nadella as Microsoft’s new chief

PTI The media has welcomed the appointment of India-born Satya Nadella as the CEO of Microsoft, noting that the technocrat has an enormous task ahead of him. He is now being featured in every news paper and every news channel, almost around the whole world. With Nadella now becoming the most powerful Indian-American chief executive in the IT Sector, the media was quick to reflect on the increasing influence of this small ethnic community in the country. “The appointment of Mr Nadella, who is 46 years old and leads the Microsoft division that makes technology to run corporate computer...

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