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Aggregate to cover UoH Students’ Union Poll

Newsdesk There’s election fever on the campus.  It seems to have excited not just the contesting student groups and the candidates but also the campus community in general, voters in particular, for more than one reason. For the first time perhaps, a woman candidate is running for the post of President and campaigning is happening both on and off campus. No, we don’t mean on another university campus, but on social media.  Facebook Pages and colourful banners are making their presence and some banners are even eliciting interesting responses. One can safely assume that there will be a lot of...

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New IAPB Report on ‘Universal Eye Health’ launched on World Sight Day

By B V Tejah The report, put together with inputs from many eye health experts, will be launched in events around the world. World Sight Day (WSD)  (10/10/2013) – an international day of awareness about avoidable blindness and its prevention – will mark the launch of a report on Universal Eye Health. 4 out of 5 visually impaired people are avoidably so. Research shows that every dollar spent on eye health has a two-fold return on investment – in developing countries, home to 90% of all visual impairment, there is a four-fold return. Yet current estimates put the number of people...

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Caught between stardom and survival

By Rajkumar Bejjanki Early every morning a group of people gather at Krishna Nagar, waiting for some agent to give them a chance at survival. Survival in the field of the junior artiste is hell indeed. These people wait for their big break in the film industry. As they wait for the decision that might change their lives, their present and future seem rather uncertain and bleak. These artistes are paid Rs. 400 for class type characters and Rs. 350 for mass characters. Gopal Rao, a junior artiste has been acting for 20 years having acted in almost 900...

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By Siddharth Ojha “Scene 5! Take 2! Action!” shouts the cameraman. If you think that this is just another take during a movie then you are grossly mistaken. Films shoots are now passé and the latest trend is the ‘Wedding shoot’. Wedding trends are always dynamic and photography is no exception. So much for ‘only’ cinema being larger than life. The in-thing now is to make life larger than life itself. The high dosage of drama that goes into the making of a movie, the lights, the equipment, the trolleys, the works, are now going into the “making” of...

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Breakfast sellers on cycles

By Ramesh Kasa On a busy road in Basheerbagh, just in front of the LB stadium, one will see a footpath crowded with employees and students having breakfast from vendors who serve their customers from loaded boxes of food on cycles. Hyderabad is not new to breakfast sellers on cycles. One can see them even in residential areas going from one house to another selling breakfast near colleges and offices. This is story of the entrepreneurs who run their lives on cycles. Anjaneyulu migrated to Hyderabad 10 years ago in search of livelihood. He started off as a construction laborer,...

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