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Keerthana.B Though Hyderabad is a city of dreams for the youth it’s not only about fun and frolic. They have raised their voice against different socio-political malfunctions. The dynamic student politics in some of the most eminent institutions located in the city, like the English and Foreign Language University, Osmania University and University of Hyderabad reflects the same spirit.While it is usual for student political organizations to fight for their rights coming under the premises of their own university, raising voice against the unethical practices happening outside the boundaries of the campus is what gives their politics a touch of activism. The activities carried out in solidarity of FTII protest is an example of this. The recent protest against police intervention that happened in University of Hyderabad where they successfully minimized the interference in the campus and compelled the administration to drop the idea of having a police station in the campus also exemplifies this. The fact that they were able to identify the issue and channelize it into a proper protest shows their heightened consciousness and social sensitivity. The series of agitation that were carried on by the students in EFLU like Occupy library and Cross dressing campaigning against the gender biased decisions taken by the administration also stands out as a representation of strong ethical awareness. The historical role played by the students of Osmania University in...

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IT sector shows the way with ‘Car-Free Thursdays’

Sunderlal Raja As a solution to the increasing traffic and its adverse effects on the atmosphere, Hyderabad Software Enterprises Association (HYSEA), on 6th August, started ‘Car-Free-Thursday’ initiative in the IT hub of the city, comprising Hitech City, Madhapur and Gachibowli. In six weeks, the initiative has started showing very impressive results. The number of public transport patrons has gone up and the rate of traffic and air pollution has come down. As per the latest figures, al- most 10,000 vehicles are off the road every Thursday. This has not only resulted in a low traffic during the peak times but also helped in saving one lakh litres of fuel. Another highlight of this initiative is that the emission of greenhouse gases has been reduced by around 273 tonnes. Even though it began as a voluntary initiative, the participation has been overwhelming. “I have been avoiding my car for the past six Thursdays. I thought that it will take me more time to reach office, it was not the case… well by being part of this I am able to do at least something to decrease the pollution,” says Anand C.P, who is working in Hitech City. He also added that he and some of his friends have decided to avail public transport or car pooling whenever possible. The‘Car-Free-Thursday’ initiative has been supported by the Telangana State Road Transport Corporation...

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Is sports just an appendix?

Physical education and sports are two distinct things in their concept and approach. Physical education envisages the all-round development of an individual whereas sports is a general way to achieve the same with more of recreation. It aims to bring constructive changes in humans through physical exercises and activities. Hence, it may be developmental, adaptive, corrective etc. Government bodies, which make rules, need to bring esteem and prestige to the physical education and sports to make these professions attractive for bright individuals and this is the need of the hour for India, which is plagued by diseases. Policy makers should first try to understand the curricular contents of physical education before taking decisions on the issues relating to it. Students should be given opportunity to know what is true physical education and sports, instead of just participation. Sports competitions like Olympics etc. are started with the noble aim of making changes in human beings and not simply as competitions. There must be see-saw change in the attitude of governments and people, and should move towards mass participation of sports. Sports in Indian university system are viewed as an appendix and not as an essential organ. Most of the universities do not provide reservations in admissions for sports persons. It is also astonishing to know that some universities believe that the entry of sports persons may spoil the academic environment....

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Capturing life through lens

A career in photography or in any creative field for that matter is more like self-exploration. You work as per your needs. You try to push your limits and create a name. You never know what you want to become until you come across something inspirational which makes you think. And when you decide you get confused. How to start? Where to Start? How to learn? Well, there are many universities offering long term as well as diploma courses in photography. They teach you the basics of photography and give you a glimpse about the professional world and then you’re on your own. Start taking pictures and analyze other photographers’ work. Know the techniques of composition and understand the lighting and how to use your camera under different lighting conditions. Understand your camera and know the details and variants perfectly. Theory can give you an idea about what it is, but only when you practice you learn.  It might take time but you will evolve as a photographer. To pursue a career in photography, there are different genres  available today like  fashion, wedding, travel and lifestyle, nature, fine art. The problem new photographers usually face is getting recognition. It needs your time, money and skill to reach to a point where your name starts getting work for you. You need to market yourself with your ability to speak, gather...

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Naxalism is not the only alternative: Gaddar

Digavalli Pavan Telangana has a stunning historical record of youth participation in social revolutions. Around 600 students gave their lives in the Telangana agitation and we still lose them in the name of naxalism and counter insurgency creating friction in the civil society. The famous Telugu revolutionary singer Gaddar whose voice has a great influence amongst the youth of Telangana, shared his views with Aggregate. Are the universities in Hyderabad becoming targets for Maoist cadre recruitments? Honestly, I don’t know. Maoist party is a secret party. It’s not possible for a common man to know about their operations. In between Maoists and police forces, are the youth in Telangana targeted? The future belongs to the youth and they are fighting for their opportunities. Encounter of youngsters creates white terror amongst them. Is naxalism the only alternative for youth? Armed struggle is not the only alternative. Gun for gun is not the solution. At this moment, I urge the civil society to prepare for a traditional revolution but not armed revolution. What do you mean by traditional revolution? From rural to urban, our life is tied with the market. The helplessness created due to exploitation by the capitalist market has made them habituated to a consumer life which tends to turn them into hopeless individuals. They need to emancipate collectively to fight and set themselves free from this market. How...

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The beautiful and serene Ameenpur lakes, known for their rich flora and fauna is on the brink of extinction  due to reasons such as littering of plastic, pollution, encroachment, destruction of its catchment, etc. The Telangana State Special Protection Force (TSSPF) along with some members of the Hyderabad Birding Pals and Friends of Flora and Fauna Society  cleaned the Peddacheruvu, Kothacheruvu and Bandam Kommu Cheruvu, over the last two months with the objective to enhance their beauty and attract more fauna. The inauguration of the Tree Plantation scheme to launch the Manohara Ameenpur programme by the Telangana Irrigation Minister Mr. T. Harish Rao at the Peddacheruvu, Ameenpur on September 6, 2015, was a major step in the protection and conservation of Lake System comprising 13 lakes. The ecological conservation initiative has been taken to rejuvenate the lake system. Five clean up drives mounted by the TSSPF and the two volunteer groups has transformed into a massive campaign with local residents evincing interest in protecting the water bodies. The Ameenpur Lake and the surrounding small lakes have the potential to be transformed into a Heritage Biodiversity Park, through conservation and rejuvenation. While the Ameenpur Lake is near the TSSPF Training Academy in the Patencheru Mandal of Medak district the vast lake system is spread wider, it consists of many other water bodies like Bandamkommu, Kummari Kunta etc. All these water-bodies...

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   More than 35 percent of India lives in urban areas, not counting the floating population, and the figure is expected to increase drastically in the near future. Social scientists argue that the country desperately needs new cities to curb urban growth. Prime Minister Narendra Modi promised in the runup to the 2014 elections  pomised  that he will initiate steps to solve urban problems by building 100 smart cities in India. In a recent note, the Ministry of Urban Development stressed that the scheme will promote not only satellite towns but also modernise existing cities. It will support a broad range of projects related to education, healthcare, and entertainment, facilities for the poor, governance and institutional modification. In a way, the smart (intelligent) city idea guarantees employment opportunities and an unparallel high quality of life to urban inhabitants. At least on paper, it is a great relief to the urban poor as they are denied access to basic amenities such as electricity, safe health and water. Modi hopes that after the government intervention, private companies will invest in the smart revolution. Chief Ministers of many states, particularly of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, have started rolling out red carpets for corporate players to invest and develop infrastructure and create employment opportunities. However, critics are of the opinion that the idea of ‘smart cities’ in reality exclude the marginalised sections as...

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Un-recognized varsities leave students in a fix

Sandeep Manohar The Engineering students from Hyderabad are already in a wretched condition due to the havoc created by the private engineering colleges. Apparently now it’s the turn of medical colleges to rub salt to the wounds. Prist University in Tamil Nadu, has allegedly failed to get UGC recognition, after having conducted medical entrance exams in Hyderabad. P.Madhusudan Reddy, President of Government Junior Lecturer’s Association, said that on April 23rd this year, Prist University had conducted the medical entrance exam for more than one lakh students, charging Rs. 600  each. “The University made around Rupees six crore and most of the students who had taken  the exam were from Narayana Institutions. Shockingly the university is in the black list of UGC,” said Mr. Reddy. In 2009,  Tandon committee was set up by the Human Resource Development Ministry to examine the institutions whose performance was not at par. A total of 41 institutions were blacklisted and eight universities were declared ‘unworthy’ of the deemed tag. Although there was no official confirmation regarding the eight varsities on the chopping block, Prist University, is one among the varsities whose name is doing the rounds with other varsities  the case of which    arepending in the Supreme Court. On this matter Reddy said,“It claims itself as a deemed university. I have no issues with that. But, when I questioned the university administration regarding their...

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No dignity, even after death

Digavalli pavan Government hospital mortuaries in Hyderabad, especially the Osmania General Hospital have become the hub for illegal trade in dead bodies to the private medical colleges across India. Authorities of various departments like Public Health, Municipal Corporation and Medical Officials in hospitals are allegedly involved. The negligence of the police officials towards this issue raises questions of their connivance as well. Because of this, the dead bodies remain untraceable for the claimants. These are well hatched situations created by habitual offenders which include the network comprising of mortuary employees to government officials. The process of establishing identity is an  excruciating process due to ill-treatment of hospital auhorities. The manner in which dead bodies are dealt with is unethical, against the law and violation of human rights.  The body of a person found dead under suspicious circumstances is to be taken to mortuary for postmortem under police scrutiny only after filling an FIR  under sections 174 and 176 as per Criminal Procedure Code. Every mortuary has a capacity to hold about 50 to 75 bodies for preservation in freezers for 72 hours after postmortem as per rule. These 72 hours are the time available to identify the body through various means and inform the relatives concerned so that they can claim it. If the body still remains unclaimed, then the police and hospital officials must hand it over to...

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Khadi on a revival path

T.Takuangla Jamir The wave of handloom and khadi promotion in the country this year has taken a different course from past years. The first National Handloom Day was observed on 7th August. Khadi sales have doubled and there is a lot of enthusiasm seen in its promotion across the country. National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Hyderabad, which has always worked on handloom and khadi promotion have put in more efforts this time. “We are happy that National Handloom day is observed. We hope that big companies would join in its promotion as ‘Fabindia’ stands alone for now” says A. Rajyalakshmi, Assistant Professor, and Student Development Activity Coordinator NIFT. She adds that Khadi, as a fabric is natural and definitely gives a positive aura when one wears it. The design students have cluster programmes as part of their academics. The students go, identify and code the cluster. They have visited places in the states of Andhra & Telangana like Mangalagiri, Venkatagiri and Warangal Dhuri, which are known for their handloom work. The students are encouraged by the institution to work on handlooms as a strategy to promote it.  As part of their graduation it is compulsory for the students to organize a hand loom fashion show to showcase and promote their innovations. The board is currently planning on encouraging students to wear Khadi once a week and take oath...

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