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Festivity concerns come to the fore

Ankitha Naishadham The BOD (Biochemical Oxygen Demand) level in Hussian Sagar has gone up from 34 mg/l to 57 mg/l. BOD is a measure of quantity of oxygen used by organisms to decompose matter. This number goes to prove that the pollution has gone from bad to worse in Hussain Sagar. This year around 21,600 idols of more than one meter length, width, hieght were immersed in Hussain Sagar alone when compared to last year’s figure of 40,000. The big idols of Kahairtabad , Balapur only add to the chaos. To facilitate distribution of idols which come for immersion, the officials have identified 23 other lakes in the surrounding areas of Hyderabad. Countering this move, ecologists in the city predict that in the coming five years, these identified lakes will also turn into another Hussain Sagar. Teams from Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation  and Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority departments extricate idols debris every year after the ‘ Maha Ganpati’ of Khairtabad is immersed. This year, the authorities removed 4,990 tonnes of idol debris and cleared as many as 20,000 medium sized idols from the lake. Specialised equipment had to be pressed into service for this purpose; besides 2,000 workers of HMDA and GHMC along with NGO volunteers were engaged. Telangana State Pollution Control Board (TSPCB) Senior Environmental Scientist, N. Raveendhar said, “Kaolin which is also called white clay along with...

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Kabaddi regains its lost glory

Shaima Mansoor Kabaddi, despite being one of the oldest indigenous sports in our country, has only recently cemented its place amongst the most watched sporting events in India thanks to the Pro Kabaddi League (PKL). Cutting across demographics, the first season has had a viewership of 435 million, second only to the wildly popular Indian Premier League, and has seen a 45% increase in television viewership during the second season. The exciting nature of the game and loud, menacing chants topped up with celebrity owners and sleek coverage on televisions have resulted in the revival of Kabaddi in many ways. K. Jagdishwar Yadav, Secretary of the Telangana Kabaddi Association and the General Secretary of the Telangana Olympic Association feels that showcasing Kabaddi in a more contemporary format has generated renewed interest in a sport that was rarely followed on a competitive level, “Kabaddi has always enjoyed popularity in Telangana butthe Pro Kabaddi League has definitely raised awareness and brought in more people. We get lot more enquiries now about the coaching camps, selections and so on. Schools and colleges have also seen a considerable increase in participation.” Pro Kabaddi League does not include women players yet but women of the city have been achieving milestones of their own, “Players from Hyderabad have always excelled. Indian Women’s Kabaddi team captain, Mamata Pujari and one of the most talented team members, Tejaswini...

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Early birds: Walking their way to health and fitness

Shaima Mansoor While most people spend mornings on weekends by sleeping in late, members of the Public Garden Walkers’ Association (PGWA) are the early birds preying upon fresh air and exercise. They also keep one Sunday aside every month to stay informed of the latest health issues and developments through an interactive session with some of the top doctors in the city. The PGWA hosts health lectures by renowned doctors on the first Sunday of every month. The series started on November 9, 1995, with a talk on ‘Walk & Vision’ by well known ophthalmologist, Dr. P. Siva Reddy, and  is now in its 20th year without a break.  The Association organized its 240th lecture on October 4, the man responsible for this initiative and continuous effort, Ghulam Yazdani, Senior Advocate and Chairman of PGWA is content with the way the venture has sustained for so long, “The PGWA is about fifty years old and this series started incidentally twenty years back when one of our walker friends agreed to give a lecture. I feel this humble beginning gradually developed into a full-fledged beneficial regular affair as a number of non-walkers from the city and suburban areas also made it to these lectures”. In 2012, the 200th lecture was celebrated with the launch of the book ‘Health Spectrum’ that carried the gist of all the health lectures delivered prior to...

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Comic Con weekend rocks the city

Lalrindiki Sailo A wide range of comics, chitra-katha, novels, graphics, merchandise, toys, games, films and animation in the toys and game industry were displayed at Comic Con, the  yearly  comic-based convention held in Hyderabad on 12th and 13th September. The two day event was a treat to all the comic lovers. Traditionally associated with Comic Con, several fans, both adults and children, participated in the cosplay which was one of India’s first events of this type. Famous artists and writers, game developers, start-ups from India and abroad all turned up for the event. Kids dressed in their favourite comic hero’s attire  like Superman, Green Lantern, Spiderman etc, to developers launching their latest products, firms new games and authors with their latest comic works had gathered in Hyderabad for the two days. The special guests in Comic Con Hyderabad were Matt Melvin, creator of Last nerds on earth, Tomoko Miya, professional cosplayer, Moe Tsurumi, spokesperson of the game Minecraft and Kevin Hamric, a senior director who had worked with series and movies like Naruto, Bleach,  Deathnote, Dragon Ball Z etc. Amongst all, Melvinn man-aged to grab maximum audience. Triza, a student from St.Josephs College expressed her fondness for Comic Con, “Every year I wait for this time of the year. I love Comic Con. It is fun and exciting. I get to know more about my favourite comic characters. I...

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Food, a click away

T.Takuangla Jamir E-commerce firms are fast gobbling up conventional platforms with their own menu to success. The food business is no exception. In Hyderabad, several online websites are rushing to supply food at your door steps on a click . The city has seen the rise of many websites that offer food deliveries. The idea of having food delivered at your doorsteps is amazing. Food sites like foodpanda, Eatz, Get Me Food, Swiggy, FAASOS are some favorable sites to order food. They put up a list of restaurants available near your location or producetheir own food. They might give you some discounts and you just have to select and order. “I use foodpanda a lot. I have placed order from Swiggy, they are like the blind escape when you don’t want to cook plus too lazy to go out,” says Ramya Vedicherla, who is preparing for her UPSC exams. But sites like Kitchen’s Food and Hello Curry have taken the competition a notch higher. They deliver home cooked food at reasonable prices. Kitchen’s Food launched in June 2014 started as a food ordering website but later upgraded to serving a list of home cooked food items of different cuisines. They have enrolled a number of chefs, and the website is used as their meeting space. “Return on investment is extremely high and there are many advantages of e- commerce,” says...

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Behind the glitz & glamour

Lalrindiki Sailo The 1960’s saw the rise of modelling industry in different corners of the world. Models can be the most influential people in the world but behind the paparazzi and glamour that is showcased, there is a world less renowned and applauded. The city of Hyderabad has its share of young men and women fighting through the odds to establish themselves in the world of glamour. Andy Pillai, a freelance model says, “The most challenging thing is that there is a lot of competition and less work, you also need to have loads of patience because you face lots of rejections before you get that one chance.” While speaking to few models in Hyderabad, voices of hues and cries were vehemently heard. “I once went through a dismal casting experience where I met a casting director who charged me a hefty amount. Later the casting director and the opportunity both turned out to be fake”said Sai Prasad Heerekar, Mr. Hyderabad 2013. Actor and model Seema Choudhary reflected, “ We all love glamour, but the truth is that we do not have it all what it takes to be a model. For me,the most and only challenging thing I have is my height … I wish I was 6 feet tall.” Despite all the obstacles there is the immortal zeal that keeps them going. Prabodh who is a model...

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