Lalrindiki Sailo

With the ongoing ‘ban’ wagon, on August 3, the country woke up to find that 857 porn websites had been banned.

This came as a shock to many, and triggered debates on how this was yet another infringement of “freedom to privacy” in accordance with current chain of events of banning anything and everything.

People across India started questioning the very essence of democracy in India and as to whether the development plan pertains to only imposing bans.

Keeping with their penchant for raising voice against any political and social issue that violates personal freedom and liberty, students of the University yet again were not found waiting in condemning this decision of the government.

“This is an issue of moral-policing and what else can we expect from a government that could impose a ban on a certain people’s choice of food (beef).  Our rights are being targeted in one way or the other. It is pretty obvious that Government has forgotten that India is a democratic country,” says Harini Shibaraya, a II MA student from the Department of Communication.