Lalrindiki Sailo

The 1960’s saw the rise of modelling industry in different corners of the world. Models can be the most influential people in the world but behind the paparazzi and glamour that is showcased, there is a world less renowned and applauded.

The city of Hyderabad has its share of young men and women fighting through the odds to establish themselves in the world of glamour. Andy Pillai, a freelance model says, “ThBehind the glitz & glamour copye most challenging thing is that there is a lot of competition and less work, you also need to have loads of patience because you face lots of rejections before you get that one chance.”

While speaking to few models in Hyderabad, voices of hues and cries were vehemently heard.

“I once went through a dismal casting experience where I met a casting director who charged me a hefty amount. Later the casting director and the opportunity both turned out to be fake”said Sai Prasad Heerekar, Mr. Hyderabad 2013.

Actor and model Seema Choudhary reflected, “ We all love glamour, but the truth is that we do not have it all what it takes to be a model. For me,the most and only challenging thing I have is my height
… I wish I was 6 feet tall.”

Despite all the obstacles there is the immortal zeal that keeps them going. Prabodh who is a model working from the city shared his views,“Challenges are part and parcel of life but what is important is to face them with positive attitude, crack them and learn from them. For me life itself is a challenge and I love facing challenges because they help me recognize my hidden potential and have made me who I am today.”

Hyderabad is slowly becoming a hub for young and fresh aspirants attempting to make it big in the world of fashion and modelling.