By Ramesh Kasa

Customer having a quick breakfast served by sellers on cycles

Photo: Ramesh Kasa

On a busy road in Basheerbagh, just in front of the LB stadium, one will see a footpath crowded with employees and students having breakfast from vendors who serve their customers from loaded boxes of food on cycles. Hyderabad is not new to breakfast sellers on cycles. One can see them even in residential areas going from one house to another selling breakfast near colleges and offices. This is story of the entrepreneurs who run their lives on cycles.

Anjaneyulu migrated to Hyderabad 10 years ago in search of livelihood. He started off as a construction laborer, but always had the dream of owning a business. It took him 2 years to make his dream true. He began to sell breakfast on cycles by going from street to street and found it to be a profitable business. Today, he sells breakfast on his newly bought moped. He has admitted his 2 daughters into a school at Dilsukhnagar. His eyes sparkles when he mentions about his children.

While idly, dosa, bonda are mainly served, some serve special dishes like upma and utappam as well. All these items are served at a reasonable amount of 8 rupees.

There are many people selling breakfast on cycles today in various parts of the city. Most of these people belong to the same area of East Godavari district. They begin their day before sunrise. By the end of the day they make a profit of 300 rupees. Ramulu, a breakfast seller from Hi-tech city says, “My wife cooks the food early in the morning and I pack it in hot boxes and come here”.  While some breakfast vendors go from street to street, some stay at particular places. “Earlier when I started selling, it was 5 rupees, now we increased the price because we have no choice,” says Ayyappa who sells breakfast at Koti.

Not everything is hunky-dory in this business too. Travelling along the busy roads of Hyderabad on a cycle and finding suitable place in the rainy season to carry out the work are one of the many issues. The earning in the business is almost the same as they get in daily labour but what makes them do the business is the dignity and the sense of individuality which they do find in construction labour .