Gautami K


The conference in progress
Photo Credit: Gautami K

An awareness programme to disscuss the issues of girl child- sexual abuses and violence was jointly held by several NGOs on 11th January in the city. The aim of the meeting was to find ways to create awareness and curb the menace.

The chief guest, Chief Executive Officer of the Human Rights Commission, D. Subramanyam said, “Child abuse is sadly a rampant issue which affects the future of an entire generation and has to be curbed at its roots”. He also cautioned that some organizations  were misusing the name of the State Human Rights Commission and one should be vigilant.

“Not many is aware of the CWC (Child Welfare Committee) and its functions. Police officers should be in mufti, when they are with children,” said DSP and CWC protection cell CID, C. Anasuya. She also stressed on the point of providing awareness on laws available to the children along with  the incorporating of child rights in regular Government staff trainings.

Many recommendations were made at conference which included capacity building at various levels – Judiciary, police, parents and community. Awareness programs at the village level, district level and state level were also envisioned. Also, media advocacy  towards creating a child friendly atmosphere was also mooted.

Members of CWC gave few suggestions based on experience such as providing and updating information on the Government website. The also pointed out  the importance of the presence of female police in civil dress while dealing child and women cases. Maintenance of Homes run by both Government and Non Government bodies was emphasized upon.