The University of Hyderabad is the best place where the students get to watch a number of movies in many languages. The Glauber Rocha film club established in 2012 attracts film lovers by organizing screenings at least once a week in the campus.

Jijin, who is associated with Glauber Rocha Film Club, said “Initially we arranged film screenings at Humanities auditorium and CIS (College for Integrated Studies) in South campus but lately we are screening movies at Department of Communication in the University”.

Catching up with the new movies in the market has become a habit among the youth and this film club encourages students to watch non mainstream movies in different languages, including the regional ones. The film club members want to encourage film culture and awareness in the campus by conducting talks and debates on films and the audiences are encouraged to voice the critical view through objective criticism during debates.

At present the club arranges movie screenings once in two weeks and requests the University authorities to come forward and allot them a permanent venue so that they have a fixed place and accordingly plan the movie schedules.

The CIS film club in the south campus arranges movie screenings at the Center for Integrated Studies Building every weekend. Theme based films are screened to make the students familiar with the art aspect of the movie and to create interest among them.

The film club also screens regional language movies. Some of the regional movies screened are Assamese ‘Long way to the sea’ and Malayalam movie – ‘Shadow kill’. They have also screened ‘Shor in the city’, a Hindi movie.

The film club also had performance by stand-up comedian Prem Kishore.

Jayasree C, who regularly attends the film screening, said, “It is a chance to watch a variety of films with different aesthetics and gain a lot knowledge from the debates about the films.”

The film clubs are using social networking sites like Facebook to inform the students about the screenings and posters are pasted all over the University.