A career in photography or in any creative field for that matter is more like self-exploration. You work as per your needs. You try to push your limits and create a name. You never know what you want to become until you come across something inspirational which makes you think. And when you decide you get confused.

How to start? Where to Start? How to learn? Well, there are many universities offering long term as well as diploma courses in photography.

They teach you the basics of photography and give you a glimpse about the professional world and then you’re on your own. Start taking pictures and analyze other photographers’ work. Know the techniques of composition and understand the lighting and how to use your camera under different lighting conditions. Understand your camera and know the details and variants perfectly. Theory can give you an idea about what it is, but only when you practice you learn.  It might take time but you will evolve as a photographer.

To pursue a career in photography, there are different genres  available today like  fashion, wedding, travel and lifestyle, nature, fine art. The problem new photographers usually face is getting recognition.

It needs your time, money and skill to reach to a point where your name starts getting work for you.

You need to market yourself with your ability to speak, gather people, build a network and enhance your photography skills. But what is important is that your work should speak for yourself.

Create a style of your own and try to improve and enhance it. Work for various organizations and magazines and individuals. Conduct workshops and exhibitions. Always remember that the reason for your success is none but you.


Kaleem Taj Shaik

Freelance Photographer