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‘Ban’ wagon continues

Lalrindiki Sailo With the ongoing ‘ban’ wagon, on August 3, the country woke up to find that 857 porn websites had been banned. This came as a shock to many, and triggered debates on how this was yet another infringement of...

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Campus Film clubs

Akbarkhan The University of Hyderabad is the best place where the students get to watch a number of movies in many languages. The Glauber Rocha film club established in 2012 attracts film lovers by organizing screenings at least...

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Power packed evenings

Keerthana B. The morning of this year’s Independence Day saw a group of white uniform clad people moving in perfect unison in the Gurubaksh Singh Maidan. There was an energy and spirit in the air as the karate enthusiasts kicked...

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The unsung hero of the campus

Siddharth Suresh As the Indian cricketing legend Sachin Tendulkar once said “Enjoy the game and chase dreams. Dreams do come true”. The same goes for G. Rajaram, M.A. Sociology visually challenged student of the University. The...

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Poachers have a free run

Ch. Sandeep Manohar The University of Hyderabad has become a deadly hunting ground not only with off campus poachers but also with the indulgence of non-teaching staff and students in poaching, posing a serious threat to...

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I AM…..

Nidheesh Kumar P.R.   I am – Ashok E. Age – 15 years. I do – Construction work at Zakir Husain Lecture Hall complex, University Of Hyderabad.   Family I was born and brought up in a poor family at...

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Students suffer, hostels’ stench

 Ch. Sandeep Manohar The recently earned Visitor’s Award for theBest Central University of India by the University of Hyderabad (UoH), seems questionable with onelook at the state of toilets and washrooms in the campus. In most...

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Given the traffic, do you think the road is more important than trees in KBR Park?

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