by Rebecca G

Newspaper with cup

Technology today has made citizen journalism more accessible to people

Media organisations today are calling for the participation of citizens as journalists to submit stories and photos. The purpose of calling for citizen journalism is to get content on a wide range of topics, a few of which the news media might not be able to reach to.

There have been situations where citizens have played a significant role in recent events. This is why many media institutions, from print, television and new media have been actively calling for citizen journalists to add to their existing content. This shows how powerful and valued contributions from citizens can be. In 2004 when a 9.1 magnitude earthquake created a tsunami in Indonesia, a community of anonymous bloggers appeared from nowhere and helped both the government and media for obtaining information of damage.

There are no minimum qualifications or requirements for being a citizen journalist but the general norm is good quality news. Contributing to your favourite news channel or newspaper is extremely easy in these times with the advent of e-mail. IBN Live has added a special page for citizen journalists (   All leading TV channels and newspapers frequently send calls for contributions. Photo contributions for The New Indian Express can be sent to Any suggestions for Deccan Chronicle can be sent to Times of India calls for article submissions on Apart from main live news channels and newspapers, there are many dedicated websites for citizen journalism such as and

Citizen journalism should not been seen as an alternative to professional journalism, but as a complement to professional journalism. Citizen journalists are altering the media about events taking place and providing them with content. Its advantages are so vast that it helps not only the media to function well but also the government and the general public. Media is often termed to be controlled and often is by a certain group, making citizen journalism a vital part of the opening up of reporting to everyone.

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