Lalrindiki Sailo

A wide range of comics, chitra-katha, novels, graphics, merchandise, toys, games, films and animation in the toys and game industry were displayed at Comic Con, the  yearly  comic-based convention held in Hyderabad on 12th and 13th September. The two day event was a treat to all the comic lovers. Traditionally associated with Comic Con, several fans, both adults and children, participated in the cosplay which was one of India’s first events of this type. Famous artists and writers, game developers, start-ups from India and abroad all turned up for the event. Kids dressed in their favourite comic hero’s attire  like Superman, Green Lantern, Spiderman etc, to developers launching their latest products, firms new games and authors with their latest comic works had gathered in Hyderabad for the two days.GROUP

The special guests in Comic Con Hyderabad were Matt Melvin, creator of Last nerds on earth, Tomoko Miya, professional cosplayer, Moe Tsurumi, spokesperson of the game Minecraft and Kevin Hamric, a senior director who had worked with series and movies like Naruto, Bleach,  Deathnote, Dragon Ball Z etc. Amongst all, Melvinn man-aged to grab maximum audience. Triza, a student from St.Josephs College expressed her foCARTOONndness for Comic Con, “Every year I wait for this time of the year. I love Comic Con. It is fun and exciting. I get to know more about my favourite comic characters. I have never missed it. I come every year and I will continue doing that.” Another participant said, “This time Comic Con is fun. It is much better than earlier years. Besides the events, a food court is also organized.” When asked about their favourite section, Tanya an interior designer said, “For me it is the presence of renowned writers that make this event worthy.”The organizing team said, “It’s nice to see people happy and that has always been our aim, Comic Con 2015 has been another succesful event, big thanks to all the participants.”

Comic Con India started with relatively young minds who instead of going to foreign countries for comic convention decided to start one in their home country.Their main goal has been to innovate  new culture to bring the young energies together to celebrate their love for comics and popular culture.

Since its initiation it has emerged as one the most renowned comic event in the country. As this comic based event is heading strong, the organisers hope to bring in more varieties. Comic Con India holds the main edition at New Delhi and express editions at Mumbai and Bangalore annually. Hyderbad had its maiden edition on 21st and 22nd of September 2013.