Sameena Kenaz

Burhanpur is a small town in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Not many know of the town and even fewer people are aware of its significance. The town has an interesting history and some very interesting places.

Dargah-E-Hakimi in all its glory Image courtesy:

Dargah-E-Hakimi in all its glory
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One of the prominent places to visit is Saiyyadi Abdul Qadir Hakimuddin’s Dargah or the Dargah-E-Hakimi. The Dargah is of great religious importance to the Dowdi Bohra community and has many miracles to its credit.

Saiyyadi Abdul Qadir Hakimuddin was a healer and to this day people from all across the country take vows in order to be cured of their ailments and diseases. The interiors of the Dargah are beautifully nurtured with green lawns and it is indeed a place of peace. The tombs of the priest are plush white marble structures that are surrounded by marble flooring and covered by carpets so that pilgrims may sit and pray for as long as they like.

The Dargah at Burhanpur is not just famous for its priest but also for the food served both inside and outside the place. The Dargah feeds hundreds of pilgrims, rich and nutritious food everyday for free. It is said that no one goes back with an empty stomach from the Dargah of Saiyyadi Abdul Qadir Hakimuddin.


A view of the Dargah from the gardens
Photo Credit : Sameena Kenaz

Just outside the Dargah is a little shop that sells a Madhya Pradesh delicacy known as Malpua, a famous sweet dish which is a must have for anyone who visits the Dargah. An early morning visit to this shop is rewarded with Malpua generously served with malai but since there are many takers, the shop soon runs out of it. Later, only the Malpua is served sans malai but it still tastes spectacular.

Burhanpur has numerous heritage sites, but the Dargah remains to be the most intriguing place in town.