Gautami K

Winning image

The winning photograph
Courtesy : K. Chandrashekar

The Alliance Francaise at Hyderabad organized a photo contest for amateur photographers with the theme Earth is a playground. The exhibition of the top 20 entries was inaugurated on 10th January at the Alliance Francaise in Banjara Hills.

The winning pictures were selected by a jury consisting of Mr.Prashanth Lahotia from Kalakriti Art Gallery, Mr.Arvind Chenji, a well-known photographer and Mr. Jean Manuel Duhaut, the director of Alliance Francaise Hyderabad.

M. Chandrasekhar Singh won the first prize from a selection of the top 20 photographs, inaugurated the exhibition. Along with an appreciation certificate, he also received a digital photo frame.

Chandrasekhar’s winning photograph titled “Fugdi” or ‘Daldadi’ was taken at the festival of Vari, at Pandaripur, Maharashtra during his trip with family.  This is his third award during since last year. He is also the winner of the National Geographic Moment award, ABCI Gold trophy.

“More than the contest and rewards for me, I keep exploring and excelling every time.  Every day is a new beginning with all the past experience I gain.   I am sure such exhibitions and honors inspire to take up more projects.   I am really honored and proud to see that photography is being promoted on par with any other art form. I am planning a lot more in 2014.  Above all, I am  excited that my work will be on show at Paris. It’s my first international show!” says Chandrasekhar.

The winner Chandrashekar  Photo Credit : Gautami K

The winner Chandrashekar
Photo Credit : Gautami K

The winner is also a curator with photography clubs in India : the Hyderabad Weekend Shoots and 5000 members. “In our photography group, we capture the essence of the city from people to place and heritage of the city with more than 50,000 images. Apart from this we also conduct regular workshops and take up charity activities in the group” he said.

Chandrasekhar believes in capturing the right moment with more amount of interaction. For all the aspiring photographers, he advises them to work with heart and passion. Of the top 20 photographs which were selected from the entries, two photographs belong to Chandrasekhar.