A follow up to the suicide case of a B.Ed student, on 21st October, at the English and Foreign Language University, Hyderabad, saw the declaration of a bandh by the Telangana Student’s Associations (TSA), Dalit Adivasi Bahujan Minority Students’ Association (DABMSA) and other student bodies which involve their subsequent voluntary boycotting of classes in the University on October 22nd.

The bandh was called as a protest against the delay in attending the dying student and the so called “repressive rules” that are alleged to be the reasons behind the recurring suicides. Certain rules and restrictions are believed to have been isolating the students to stress and grief’s. Student bodies spearheading the movement also expressed concerns over the fact that there is only one doctor dispensary, and that too, does not run 24/7.

The proctor, Prof. Harish Kumar Vijra, however, states that no bandh of any sort happened in the campus in the morning and that classes toured on as usual. “Classes went on normally. There was nothing unusual,” he said.

However, one of the students, Satish Kumar said, “The restriction on media personnel’s entering the campus earlier today shows that there’s something to hide. They are cleverly denying the lack of facilities and repression as causes to the suicide.”

This is the third case of suicide in the English and Foreign Language University, which explains the link between the concerned students’ incompatibility to the questionable claim (by the student bodies) of the University’s “insensitivity” to the problems of students.

Later in the evening, on the 22nd of October, a grim candle rally was observed where a considerable amount of people turned up and paid tribute to the deceased.

New reports suggest however. that the student took this extreme step due to personal issues and not because of academic pressures. The police are said to be analyzing the victim’s mobile phone data and records.