By Sridevi Narayanan

Students and film buffs engrossed in a movie

Students and film buffs engrossed in a movie

Documentaries, drama to language films, all that and more are screened at the various films clubs that are part of University of Hyderabad (UoH) and what they all have  in common is their love for the visual medium. Following the screenings, discussions and debates ensue among like-minded individuals which, for a student, not only enriches the university experience but also creates a better understanding of culture.

UoH has three main film clubs apart from the regular screening of the movies by the students union.

Students Union: The Students Union screens films almost on all the weekends at the DST auditorium and at the Centre for Integrated studies (CIS) in south campus. The films screened are pure entertainment, the type that invites all the movie lovers irrespective of language and territory.

Lev Kuleshov film club: Started in 2009, Lev Kuleshov has screened more than 100 films from different genres since its inception. In 2010 the club organized a three-day long gender film fest where films on gender sensitive issues were screened along with discussions by eminent speakers from the discipline. A series of films on art and culture were also screened at the S.N. School of Arts and Communication in 2011.

The club holds screenings at the Humanities auditorium and the Department of Fine Arts and provides a space for appreciating and experiencing the culture of contemporary and third world films that are ignored for popular cinema.

UoH Club of Indian Movies and Documentaries (UoH CIMD)UoH Club of Indian Movies and Documentaries is a place where Indian movies of different ages, languages and regions are showcased. Staying true to the spirit of their club, “Know India through cinema”, films and documentaries made in different parts of the country are screened to depicting the diversity in the visual culture to the students. UoH CIMD screens films that portray great Indian stories of all the time.

UoH CIMD works in collaboration with the leading film club in Hyderabad, “Moving Images”, who sponsor the screenings of movies that normally take place in C.V Raman Auditorium, Humanities Auditorium and DST.

Glauber Roucha: The Glauber Roucha film club, named after the great Brazilian director who made path breaking films, screens selected movies that discuss socio-economic and political issues in contemporary society. It breaks the notions of traditional film clubs and emerges as a medium to communicate serious issues to the students’ through films. They usually screen movies in the Centre for Integrated studies (CIS) and DST once in a week.

All the film clubs utilise the new media and social networking sites to connect and communicate to the movie lovers. They discuss the movies; provide details on movies and the timings of screenings to enhance the participation of students.