By Imnasenla Pongener

The commuters in University of Hyderabad are greeted with freshly painted speed-breakers that would help ease their drives-through around the campus.

Free service volunteers at work Photo: By arrangement

Free service volunteers at work
Photo: By arrangement

With 22 brightly painted speed breakers, the first event of dedicated painting by Free Service concluded last week.

Free service is a student initiative started off by Ajay Kumar Koli, Ph.D. Management Studies. Speaking about it he says, “The initiative is just an attempt to make university a clean and better place to live. The method is to give a call to all University members for volunteering and finish the work on weekends by dedicating just 2-3 hours per day”.

Further, “It will help create harmony among the University members irrespective of other differences. In the long run University members will spread the same harmony outside society and it will prove that universities can be a role model for the society,” he explains.

“The speed breakers are now easy to spot, thanks to the freshly applied coat of paint. The new layer of color makes the breakers visible especially at night, thus making it easier for commuters to slow down on time. The initiative taken up is appreciated not just by me, but by my fellow travelers as well,” says Wapong Lemtur, a student.

Make Speed – Breakers Visible’ is the first of the many events initiated by Free Service. The second one to follow is ‘Give Gops a Garden’ scheduled for October 12, 2013.    

A view of the speed breaker before and after being painted Photo: By arrangement

A view of the speed breaker before and after being painted
Photo: By arrangement

T. Siddhartha Reddy, Chief Engineer, UoH, says, “When students take initiative, they learn to become conscious of the facilities provided and likewise learn to use the facilities in a way they should be used. The initiative taken up by Free Service is a wonderful way to get students involved which would make them appreciate the surroundings they live in even more.”

Following is the line put up on their Facebook page: ‘Believe in yourself to feel the beauty of life’. Free Service follows this to a T and attempts to provide a platform for the students and University members to take initiative and bring about a change to create a healthy environment to live in.