Shaima Mansoor


The Vice Chancellor, Prof R.P Sharma, welcomed the fresh batch of students at the Freshers’ Meet at DST auditorium on August 18. He said that a good institution can make a good career and therefore the main objective of students at the University should be ‘learning’.

C.V. Anand, Commissioner of Police, Cyberabad Commissionerate, and Mr Shashidhar Reddy, Joint Commissioner of Police, Madhapur Zone, were chief guests for the occasion.

Anand praised the University for being ranked among the most prestigious academic institutions in the country. He wished to see peace prevail over the campus and hoped that students would not do anything that would need intervention from his department. frshers meet

Shashidhar Reddy, who also happens to be a University alumnus, turned nostalgic and reminisced his days on the campus. He asked students to concentrate on their education and work towards achieving their parents’ aspirations.

Devash Nigam, Joint Registrar, Acads & Exams, announced that there were 1968 new students enrolled in 110 courses from 12 schools. Shree Gyanmote, a member of the 15 member GS-CASH committee, assured students that the board was committed to make the University free of sexual harassment. She urged them to know their rights, protect themselves and complain about any sort of unwelcome behaviour immediately for the issue to be addressed. Dr T R Anupama Rao, a member of the Anti-smoking Committee, mentioned the adverse effects of smoking and advised students to stay away from it. She mentioned that smoking or sale of tobacco on campus is a serious offence.