By Shwetha T

snail stuck to a branch

Baby, we are stuck with each other plain
Saritha Dattatreya Photography

An extreme close shot of things produce images that are larger than life. That is exactly what enthralled Saritha Dattatreya, a budding photographer and encouraged her to pursue macro photography passionately as her profession.

Saritha, a Hyderabad based macro photographer rejuvenates the beauty of the little things in life through her photography. During her childhood, vibrant colours attracted her to painting but subsequently, she ended up with photography.

The multifaceted Saritha, says that there isn’t much of a difference between the two. While art uses a canvas and a brush; photography uses light and film.

Patience, a fair amount of knowledge of the subject, observing the environment and updating oneself with the technology is what makes her an equipped photographer, she believes. The play of light and shade bring beauty and depth to her pictures. Though a click lasts for a fraction of a second, there is much more background study that needs to be carried out.

Saritha’s pictures are dynamic. They are deep, detailed and emotional. They portray love between the insects, beauty of dancing petals, fearful looks of different creatures, transitions of light and shade, the mystery of perspective, and explode with colors that overwhelm your heart with joy.

Every picture is seasoned with bright colors which is sure to grab the eyeballs. Her abstract pictures also give room for multiple meanings, which one could associate to.

Photographing insects is what she enjoys the most. Saritha says there is an inbuilt biological clock and inherent mechanism in every living being and it is, thus, essential that the photographer capture the right moment in a single click.

An ardent lover of nature, Saritha with her favorite companion, a Canon 100mm 2.8fx L lens, finds time during travel to widen her angles of photography. Her trips to Kabini, Bandipur, Coorg, Munnar, Kodai, Allepy back waters, Tirupati, Chennai, Vishakapatnam, Kanyakumari and have contributed to her fabulous clicks.

Saritha Dattatreya

Saritha Dattatreya

In Hyderabad, apart from the Old city (Charminar), Tank Bund road, Golkonda and Qutub Shahi Tomb, she also visits parks and other green areas in the outskirts to capture photogenic moments.

Besides the regular job routine, Saritha ventures out for macro photography shoots on weekends. The latest outdoor shooting was done during the Ramzan, Raakhi and Ganesh festivals that just went by.

Saritha has done a few macro presentations and has taught techniques of photography to aspiring photographers. She shares information with anyone who approaches her.

Hyderabad Central University, with a wide range of flora and fauna is the favorite location for many photographers. Expressing the reasons of her love for the campus, she says, “I visited HCU a few months back. It is a beautiful stretch of land immersed in nature. I visited the lake too; I could not believe that such a peaceful and calm place could exist in Hyderabad. That place is, in fact, perfect for artists to put their minds to the spree of imagination.”

Being an art lover she appreciates the students of the Department of Fine Arts. “What I liked the most is the spirit of the students there and their artwork. I saw the paintings and sculptures. I felt there is nothing else needed in life when you are surrounded by art and nature, which is a blissful combination. It is so heavenly,” she says, as she beams a smile that speaks volumes about her work.