Gautami K 

A Healthy, Non- diary cream manufacturing setup in AP.


Fuji Oils and 3F joining hands
Photo Credit: Gautami K

3F Industries Ltd, an Indian edible oils, fats & food ingredients conglomerate inked an agreement for setting up a joint venture with Fuji Oil Co Ltd, a world leader in edible oils, fats and processed foods. “The integration of sales/marketing network of 3F and Fuji’s technology, join hands to expand confectionery and bread business in India”,  says Yoshitaka Ebihara, Chairman of Fuji Oil Japan.

The plant is for the production of non-diary cream and other food ingredients for use of bakery and confectionery Industry. It is situated in the outskirts of Hyderabad at Burgul, Mahbubnagar district, Andhra Pradesh.

“This partnership will also allow us to build further scale and competencies in areas of processed vegetable oils & fats and other food products for the Indian market”, says Sushil Goenka, 3F Director.

He also adds, initially production capacity of the non-diary cream would be 500 tons per month. Expected production growth for 3 years will be 5000 tons per annum.

Unlike the diary cream, made of milk and contains saturated fats which builds cholesterol, Non diary cream is Trans free and saturated fat free cream, known to be healthy, will be sold for Rs 170/kilo.

S. B Goenka, Chairman says “Handholding between the diversified, dynamic, and forward looking companies like 3F and Fuji together provides a better production in bakery products and also strengthening the confectionery industry in Indian economy”.

The plant is expected to produce high quality non-diary whipping cream which is estimated to expand 15-20% per annum. “Getting support from 3F and our parent company, we will start production soon by introducing Japanese quality control systems” says Tomoyuki Yoshida, Managing Director of Fuji Oil Asia.