By Jeevan Kumar

Members of alliance ASA-TSA-BSF-TSF-MSF-DSU  protesting in front of the admin building at UoH

Members of alliance ASA-TSA-BSF-TSF-MSF-DSU protesting in front of the admin building
Photo: Anunad Anamika

Responding to complaints from the students about the accommodation problems in the hostels, Dr. Debashis Acharya, Chief Warden of University of Hyderabad ( UoH ) said “Hostel is not a matter of right. We can’t give accommodation to every student of this University.  When there are no rooms vacant, students have to live in the available rooms.”

Prof. E. Haribabu, Pro Vice Chancellor of UoH along with Prof. B. Raja Shekar, University Registrar, T. Sidhardha Reddy, University Chief Engineer and Prof. B.V. Sharma, Dean of Students’ Welfare (DSW) visited Mens Hostel-C, NRS Hostel, Annexe Hostel and Ladies’ Hostel complex in the main campus after the student alliance of ASA-TSA-BSF-TSF-MSF-DSU protested, demanding to resolve the problems of hostel residents. The visit lasted six hours.

Students demanded the administration to solve issues of sanitation, drinking water and accommodation. Showing the September, 2013, issue of UoH Dispatch – a printed lab journal of Department of Communication, which had published a story and a photo feature on the pathetic conditions of hostel toilets – Dontha Prashanth, a scholar from the School of Economics and member of the alliance said, “This is the horrible condition of our hostels. Our hostel bath rooms and toilets are beyond use. We are drinking contaminated water as there are no proper water purifiers”.

“We want immediate solution for these problems, not excuses. When the administration has crores of rupees to renovate VC’s residence just within 18 months, why can’t they have funds to renovate hostels?”he questioned.

When students of LH-7 brought their problems to the notice of Chief Warden, he said, “We will respond only if someone complains about a particular problem. We cannot solve the problems of all hostels at a time.”

The students carried out a “Protest for Basic Needs” on the evening of October 7th, here in the University Campus. Referring to the story published in UoH Dispatch, the Chief Warden exclaimed, “You cannot come up with a few photos and hijack the administration!”

To this, the students insisted that the officials come visit the hostels and see the living conditions and other problems for themselves.

The proposals for renovating hostels in the main campus are pending since long. Only MH-D has been renovated while the rest remain in the same condition. T. Sidhardha Reddy, Chief engineer said, “The proposal for renovating MH – A, B and C was sent to Finance Department six months ago. But it has not got the approval yet. The work will not begin unless finance officer approves it”.

Students in LH showing the condition of hostels to Pro VC and Chief engineer

Students in LH showing the condition of hostels to Pro VC and Chief Engineer
Photo: Ashok Kondru

However, he has assured that the renovation work in LH will begin by tomorrow. Arrangements for lighting and repairing water heaters will commence soon.

The RO water plants have been installed only in MH- J & K, NRS Hostel and LH. But the water that students get from water purifiers in rest of the hostels is not getting filtered as the inbuilt water filters are not functioning well. The Chief Warden said, “The current water purifiers which are not working will be replaced soon. The work will begin by tomorrow. Soon the problem of drinking water will be solved.”

“To solve the sanitation problems in public places like Shopping Complex and Food Court, we are going to have a contract with Sulabh International for building and maintenance of green toilets. The renovation work will begin tomorrow. There won’t be any delay in the work,” said Prof. Haribabu.