Nidheesh Kumar P.R.


I am – Ashok E.

Age – 15 years.

I do – Construction work at Zakir Husain Lecture Hall complex, University Of Hyderabad.



I was born and brought up in a poor family at Kondapur. My father Keshavulu and mother Chinnamma are farmers.

Last year, we suffered huge loss in agriculture. We were facing with large amount of debt. We had to repay a lot of money. In order to repay, we searched for some other work. Finally, we migrated from village and got shifted to HCU campus. We’ve been involved in this work since last January.




I finished my ninth standard, last year at Kondapur Jilla Parishad High School. Then I had to drop-out for assisting my family, to repay the debt. But it doesn’t mean that I have quit my studies. I continue to read my subjects daily. Once the debt amount is repaid, I will continue my studies with specialization in Physical Science.



My work usually begins by 8:00 in the morning. I’ve to assist all the main workers. The workload here is hectic. I hardly find time to take rest. I earn Rs. 250 a day and give the full amount to my father, so that we could clear the debt as quickly as possible. I am the youngest person working here. I enjoy all the works I do here.



I occasionally go for movies with my cousins at a local theatre, once in a month or so. I like reading, especially Books and Magazines, related to Physical Science. I occasionally listen to news.


Future plans

I am not a person who usually ‘plans’ something for future. Life is full of uncertainties; you just can’t pursue all what you dream. My ambitions may sound unnatural to my community. It might be hoping something which is beyond reach for people like us.

Keeping in mind of all this, I intend to continue my studies, at least up to intermediate level. Then, I could secure a full time job and take up family responsibilities.

I grew up watching my parents work tirelessly for days and nights. They have sacrificed a lot in their life. Now, it is my turn to repay them, in the way I can. I have to take care of my sister’s education expense too. I wish to do job at my hometown, so that I can go back home every day and look after my family.