By Gautami Kongara

The 76th annual meeting of IEI

The 76th annual meeting of IEI
Photo: Gautami Kongara

With the objective of encouraging and disseminating the engineering knowledge among other engineers, the Institution of Engineers (India), Andhra Pradesh State Centre conducted the 76th annual meeting.

“All the engineers should come under an umbrella, to contribute, create space and make this a center for excellence,” says the chief guest C. Muralidhar, Engineer-in-Chief, Irrigation and CAD Department.

He appealed to the members of the institution too,“together we need to come up with solutions to some of the chronic problems of the society like, drinking water problems and  traffic problems.”

In the memory of Dildar Hussain, there was a memorial lecture regarding, Manufacture of Seamless Tubes for Strategic Applications other than Atomic energy, by N. Sai Baba, Distinguished Scientist and Chief Executive Nuclear Fuel complex, Hyderabad.

Presentation of State Centre prizes for the best seminars and projects were distributed and also a presentation gold medal was given to Madhusmitha Tripathi for securing highest marks in AMIE.

“A New Research and Development center is is coming up at Engineer Staff College, Gachibowli,” says Prof. M Kamalakar, FIE. “Every year once, in October, we conduct this meeting which includes activities like seminars, technical sessions and projects in the memory of Dildar Hussain, MIE.

With inspiring words G.L Rao, FIE says “Engineers are the creators of the world, we have a vision and action. The need for conservation of resources is not only a social responsibility but a moral one as well.” He pleaded the young engineers not to waste resources, as wasteage of resources is immoral and also requested all of them to play a vital role in building India.