Lalrindiki Sailo

A group of students from Manipur organized a fund-raising programme to support the flood and landslide affected victims in Manipur on July 14 at University of Hyderabad.

The floods in Manipur had affected one lakh people and said to be the worst in the last three decades.

Around 30 students from Manipur gathered at north Shop-com at 6 pm and dispersed to the nooks and corners of the campus to collect funds as an aid for the victims of the flood and landslide, collecting a total of approximately Rs. 33,000.

Talking about the campaign, Rucilli of MA Communication said “This has been an ongoing issue for a long time and we believe that we stand with our families back home and contribute the little we have to support them.”

This campaign has brought to light some of the ongoing issues in North-East India and has gained immense support that it deserves.

“This is a central university and it is a place where unity in diversity is actually put into practice. More than anything it is our duty to extend our hands in support to our companions in need.” said Jebin Jessy Thomas from the Department of Political Science, on such initiatives.