Gautami K

Courtesy: Irana

“Creativity takes the place when we keep on changing by adding new elements to the form”
Courtesy: Irana

Reminiscing his early days in the field of art and  how his ideas  echo various forms of paintings, Golappa Rukumpur Iranna  narrated his artistic odyssey  spanning  two decades. The venue was the 10th edition of Krishnakriti Festival is being held at Kalakriti art gallery, in  memory of Krishnachandra Lahoti.

Born in Karnataka in 1970, Irana, completed his BFA from the MMK College of Visual Arts, Gulbarga and MFA from the Delhi College of Arts. Well known nationally and internationally for his exhibitions, he is   the recipient of the National Academy award in 1997 and the M F Husain and Ram Kumar award. He was also nominated from India for the ABPF Signature Art Prize 08, Singapore.

Some of his paintings, were presented which included “monk series”, “sandals of monk series”,  “victimized innocent persons”,” emerging human” and “standing human form” on  canvas.  In 2005 he started with three dimensional work, which was something close to human form.

When asked about the presence of religious images in his art he said, “No religion, it’s just the use of iconic elements like sandals, monks, donkeys which are not separated from spirituality.  Feelings are brought into work and this can be shown through surface or form.”

 Does idea come first or start then idea?
“The idea comes first, and then there is journey of flow of thoughts. Constant fight for the same idea. Sometimes both go hand in hand. Process starts with an image in the mind, then it keeps on changing and various elements follow and thus it takes a new form. Creativity takes the place when we keep on changing by adding new elements to the form.”, He elaborated on his art.