T.Takuangla Jamir


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The wave of handloom and khadi promotion in the country this year has taken a different course from past years. The first National Handloom Day was observed on 7th August. Khadi sales have doubled and there is a lot of enthusiasm seen in its promotion across the country.

National Institute of Fashion Technology (NIFT), Hyderabad, which has always worked on handloom and khadi promotion have put in more efforts this time. “We are happy that National Handloom day is observed. We hope that big companies would join in its promotion as ‘Fabindia’ stands alone for now” says A. Rajyalakshmi, Assistant Professor, and Student Development Activity Coordinator NIFT. She adds that Khadi, as a fabric is natural and definitely gives a positive aura when one wears it. The design students have cluster programmes as part of their academics. The students go, identify and code the cluster. They have visited places in the states of Andhra & Telangana like Mangalagiri, Venkatagiri and Warangal Dhuri, which are known for their handloom work. The students are encouraged by the institution to work on handlooms as a strategy to promote it.  As part of their graduation it is compulsory for the students to organize a hand loom fashion show to showcase and promote their innovations. The board is currently planning on encouraging students to wear Khadi once a week and take oath to promote Khadi. The students are encouraged by the institution to work on handloom as a strategy to promote it. They also conduct various kinds of shows and competitions to showcase their handloom innovations. NIFT Hyderabad, in collaboration with the Weavers Service Centre celebrated the National Handloom Day, where Textile Minister Santosh Gangawar inaugurated the event.

Around 650 weavers from different regions participated and displayed their work. This step to promote Khadi is not only a revival of handloom, but also a relief for the handloom workers community, which was at the point of stagnation.