By Siddharth Ojha

The best of a wedding captured for eternity

The best of a wedding captured for eternity

“Scene 5! Take 2! Action!” shouts the cameraman. If you think that this is just another take during a movie then you are grossly mistaken. Films shoots are now passé and the latest trend is the ‘Wedding shoot’. Wedding trends are always dynamic and photography is no exception. So much for ‘only’ cinema being larger than life. The in-thing now is to make life larger than life itself. The high dosage of drama that goes into the making of a movie, the lights, the equipment, the trolleys, the works, are now going into the “making” of a wedding.

Long gone are those days when the first picture of the bride and groom was taken only on the day of the wedding. “Nowadays, couples opt for pre-wedding shoots away from all the wedding hullaballoo. The choice of the setting range from romantic scenes in Paris to another one of those candid historical monuments pictures” says Manish, Proprietor, Film Firm, an agency that handles such wedding shoots.

In order to give your wedding album the look of a classic, it is splashed with kaleidoscopic hues and photographers play around with rustic effects. A black and white Fuji print is taken straight out of the classic Polaroid to achieve a photographic quality with stunning depth.

Vintage Wedding Pictures is another popular trend where couples dress up and pose like people out of a 60s or 70s Bollywood flick. These pictures can go viral on your social circles and get you some amazing feedback –  Samir Bhatia, Hyderabad based photographer.

Wedding proposal photography is another budding trend, capturing those few treasured moments of the awaited proposal. Usually, one or both of the couple are not aware about the photographer. This is a style that walks a narrow line between artistic candid photography and being a paparazzi. Very few couples in India have begun realizing its potential, but nevertheless it’s catching on as a trend. Arranged either by the person who is proposing to surprise and overwhelm the other or in rare cases, close friends or family of the couple arrange it, leaving the couple surprised. Most proposal photographs contain moments and emotions that you might never want to forget. The high emotional appeal and fond memories make these pictures something of a treasure to be cherished!

Stop motion invitations are also a rage, where the couple with a wedding creative agency develop a short story around which a wedding photographer clicks an entire range of pictures and combines it sequentially to make a stop motion video. This video is then laid out with music and is transformed into the online wedding invitation.

Friends and relatives who miss out on the action at the wedding can now witness it online through live streaming. The entire package ranges between 1.5 to 2.5 lakhs which might seem like a pretty heavy price to shell out but to many it is worthwhile. Friends of bride and groom also gift the couple a complete photography package. Many photographers offer such services and it would certainly be truly a gift to remember for the lucky couple.

Wedding pictures are meant to make the D-day and its priceless moments timeless. These pictures bring a smile to the face many years down the line as one relives these moments. But it makes you wonder if “Rab ne bana di Jodi” or does the credit go to all the fancy camera work instead?