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Courtesy: Motorola

Moto G sold out in the first hour after launch in India
Courtesy: Motorola

Ever since its announcement, a phone that has captured the headline of every tech news company is Motorola’s Moto G. Announced in November 2013, enthusiasts and gadget geeks have been waiting for the phone and it was  sold out the first hour after its launch in India.

This frenzy leads one to ask – What is so special about this phone?

The segment for mid range (10,000 to 15,000) smart phones in India are dominated by Micromax, Karbonn and Xolo with the other dominant players being Lenovo, Nokia, Huawei and Alcatel. Although they do not sell huge numbers like the former, Nokia has a special place in the market being the only company that does not offer Android.

motoG specs

Moto G specs – Click to see the details
Courtesy: Android Police

Handset features vs brand name?
Almost every handset has similar performance, since almost all of them are made with the same processor chipset from Mediatek. They also have a memory configuration of 1GB RAM and a screen size varying from 4.5 to 5 inch screens.

Most people looking to buy these phones want 3 things – good performance, cheap price and good service. Nokia being the biggest of all, has the biggest service network followed by Micromax, Karbonn and Xolo having decent service network across the country.

Although more expensive, Sony and Samsung and LG are observed to be the preferred brands. The main factor being build quality and reliable service networks.

Courtesy: Motorola

Courtesy: Motorola

With these questions raised, Motorola’s new Phone, Moto G comes as a perfect solution – a phone with everything. It has been credited with good specifications, build quality, reliable service network and Android updates as well. It has all the features of a high end phone and the cost of a mid range phone, making it the perfect balance of price, brand name and features.

The latest news is that Lenovo has recently just bought the mobile division of Motorola, just before the release of the phone in India leading one to question if the sales would have dropped. But the enthusiasm has not a bit. The only question that remains is whether Moto G users will get Android updates.