Ch. Sandeep Manohar

The University of Hyderabad has become a deadly hunting ground not only with off campus poachers but also with the indulgence of non-teaching staff and students in poaching, posing a serious threat to wildlife.


When asked regarding the hand of employees and students in poaching, T.V. Rao, Security Officer, said, “It’s completely cooked up story by media, it’s absolutely false”. Contradicting this, Jillepalli Ravi, Ph.D. scholar from Department of Animal Sciences, said, “On March 23, 2012, a male spotted deer was ensnared and killed by two youngsters, whose parents were employed with the university. This news was covered by ‘The Hindu’ and many other media organizations”. He added that they were taken in to custody by the Forest Department officials under the Wildlife Protection Act 1972, but no clue what happened next. Jerripothula Ashok, an expert animal hunter, was caught more than five times in the university by Ravi. About this, Ravi said “More than 35 poachers were caught in the university but none were arrested. It’s of no use to catch this poacher Ashok, as he easily walks out from the Police station, everytime”. In this matter, Vice-Chancellor R.P Sharma said, “We have a compound wall; it is the outsiders who mutilate the walls. It is not our fault, when the police officials leave the poachers”. Regarding poaching he said that university authorities are taking proper measures to halt such acts. T.V. Rao said, “Our job is to hand over the poacher to the police department and we have no additional powers to question the police or higher officials regarding the situation”. He added that they have complained several times about this matter to Waakif, Assistant Director of GHMC, Serilingampally, but met with a cold response.