Though Hyderabad is a city of dreams for the youth it’s not only about fun and frolic. They have raised their voice against different socio-political malfunctions. The dynamic student politics in some of the most eminent institutions located in the city, like the English and Foreign Language University, Osmania University and University of Hyderabad reflects the same spirit.While it is usual for student political organizations to fight for their rights coming under the premises of their own university, raising voice against the unethical practices happening outside the boundaries of the campus is what gives their politics a touch of activism. The activities carried out in solidarity of FTII protest is an example of this. The recent protest against police intervention that happened in University of Hyderabad where they successfully minimized the interference in the campus and compelled the administration to drop the idea of having a police station in the campus also exemplifies this. The fact that they were able to identify the issue and channelize it into a proper protest shows their heightened consciousness and social sensitivity. The series of agitation that were carried on by the students in EFLU like Occupy library and Cross dressing campaigning against the gender biased decisions taken by the administration also stands out as a representation of strong ethical awareness. The historical role played by the students of Osmania University in the Telangana movement remains a milestone in the involvement and passion the students’ political organizations has ever shown.There is another side of the story as well. The history of students’ political in Hyderabad, like rest of the country is marked with instances of corruption, severe violence and even bloodshed. But it is slowly emerging out from this violent past and is converging to an activist mode where their intellect and sensitivity are polished. In order to have a strong opinion on issues pertaining to different aspects of the country the young minds need to involve themselves in healthy political thinking and imbibe the right spirit.