Keerthana B.


The morning of this year’s Independence Day saw a group of white uniform clad people moving in perfect unison in the Gurubaksh Singh Maidan. There was an energy and spirit in the air as the karate enthusiasts kicked and punched with passion. The demo performance was the result of a yearlong training where they carefully polished their karate skills.

The coaching was initiated in the campus over a year ago with a small bunch of students and has grown big over the time. Initially two weeks of free coaching was imparted before it became full-fledged regimen.  “Karate itself is life” says Sreekanth, the trainer. The training caters to a diverse group irrespective of age. Students from the campus, the faculty’s children, and students from Kendriya Vidyalaya are all part of it.

The classes are held thrice a week, on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from 6.00 to 7.00 in the evening. Coaching is specialized in self-defense, punches, kicks, weapon tackling, stamina building, kick boxing etc. Ramachander, a Ph.D. scholar in the Telugu department explains why he is enthusiastic about the practice sessions, “Regular practice has increased my concentration power, discipline, stamina and body fitness. I feel very healthy and confident.”

For those who are part of the coaching, by now Karate has become a part of their lifestyle. “I used to be very depressed before I joined. But the classes have enhanced my mental strength and positive energy,” says Ratna of 4th year Integrated MSc. Systems Biology. “It is a very energetic three hours every week. I wait for the classes!” adds a very excited Aditi of 4th year, Integrated M.A. Economics.

The fact that the numbers of members have steadily increased over the year with the classes happening regularly, reflects the efficiency of the training and dedication of the people who have joined.