Gautami K

separateState for Telangana

The newly launched book on Telangana
Photo Credit: Gautami K

The University of Hyderabad(UoH) Chancellor, Ch. Hanumantha Rao was the chief guest at the book release of “Separate state for Telangana” earlier in the city this week.

“The formation of Telangana state will give rise to similar demands of decentralization of states in India. The struggle for Telangana state is an important lesson not only for the people of Telangana, but also for the country as a whole. Leaders should be more responsive and work for the inclusive development and reach the aspirations of the people”, said Ch. Hanumantha Rao.

Justice B. Sudarshan Reddy, also present at the book release, felt that major issues like land grabbing, unequal distribution of wealth and subjugation would continue, unless we reform our social political economic policies and give importance to directive principles of state policy. He also insisted on the setting up of an institution to ensure the implementation of directive principles of state policy.

“The book include the views from all the Telangana well-wishers and reports submitted to the decision makers of T-state” said the author, B Kamalaker Rao. The book is dedicated to K R Amos.

During the launch, Dr.Gautam Pingle suggested that the author, Kamalaker Rao also write a book on his observations of Telangana movement, “the mystery and the behind scenes should be revealed to the Telangana public”.