Gautami K


Science for Success – to awaken interest and create the zeal among students in the field of science.
Photo Credit: Gautami K

To awaken interest and create the zeal among students in the field of science, a workshop called “Science for Success” was organized by Vivek Vardhini College where 35 Intermediate colleges participated around the city.

The highlights of the workshop included live experiments, visual presentations, and lectures by Srikanth Joshi, scientist, DRDL and Prof. Manohar Chary, Dept. of Botany.

The chief guest,  Prof. Manohar Chary said “Modern discoveries are the great achievements of science.He also asked why we are not able to produce more numbers of Nobel laureates.

He added, “Application of creativity, innovation,and discovery are the ways to have success in science.  And Carbon is the skeleton of science”.

Importance of science discoveries was explained in detail to students by Srikanth Joshi, Scientist, DRDL, “We cannot live without science. We are in a comfortable state because of science”.

“What we learnt today in this workshop is new, like the preparation of artificial blood, and the experiment on polymer preparation” said the Pradeep and Sumanth, workshop participants and science students from Sharath Junior college. Uzma, another participant from Madina College was all praises for the chemistry demonstrations.