By Imnasenla Pongener

Performance by Just another Students' Group in progress at ShopCom

Street play in progress at ShopCom
Photo: Wapong Lemtur

Just Another Students’ Group, a student group in UoH, in collaboration with Gender Sensitisation – Committe Against Sexual Harassment GSCASH) staged a twenty-minute street play based on gender equality, at the Main Campus Shopping Complex and South Campus Junction.

This event was executed with the help rendered by the students from the Department of Theatre Arts, UoH and faculty members from different departments of the University.

The performance attempted to raise questions like: Is there a difference between what is being preached and practiced? Is there a difference between the possibilities and the outcomes? Do faces and masks exist inside spaces like the University?

Just Another Student’s Group is a group conceived to provide a platform for students who are interested in putting up performances both inside and outside the University campus to create awareness about notions that exists around us. Their acts aim to critically look at various notions like spaces and identities through the lens of caste, gender and ethnicity.

Sayantan, Ph.D. from Centre for Comparative Literature says, “Our aim is to take up issues that are prevalent in the campus and highlight them in our plays. What we try to do is to portray the progressiveness of issues like racism, gender issues, etc.”

Performances of the same play are being scheduled to be staged at Ladies Hostel, Gops and non-teaching staff’s quarters.