By Kedar Nadella

Election at Hyderabad Central University

Election at Hyderabad Central University
Photo: Metro India

In what seems to be a marked improvement over the previous year, the University of Hyderabad (UoH) witnessed a successful Students’ Union election for the year 2013 with around 80% of the students turning up to exercise their franchise here on Wednesday, October 30, officials said. Last year the voter turnout stood at 70%.

“The Center for Integrated studies had the highest voter turnout with around 90% of student attendance,” said Prof. Sanjay Subodh, Returning Officer, Election commission, UoH. He also mentioned that there were no security lapses or malpractices of any form that were observed during the entire process.

This year’s election is notable for several significant changes and introductions into the election process. The election of School Board members and School Councillors is the newest addition with the students choosing one board member and three Councillors for each School.

In the history of UoH as well as in any central university, this is the first time that the ‘None of the Above’ option has been introduced. However, it would be known only by tomorrow how many voters have actually exercised this power to  decline their vote for certain candidate/s.

The counting is scheduled to begin on October 31 at 9:00 am.