By Shwetha. T

Sujeesh Onchery

Sujeesh Onchery
Photo: Anil Xavier

Reproduction of experiences during the walks we take at night and its re- installation in a public gathering culminated in a novel ambience that the University of Hyderabad had never been witnessed before.

Sujeesh Onchery, from the Department of Fine Arts came up with the unique idea of communicating a social cause through sound in his public sound installation. The 15 minutes long sound installation which took place at the shopping complex premises carried the listeners to Uttarakhand, where many lives were wiped off in the turbulent waters recently.

The installation comprised of natural wild sounds clubbed with human voices uttering ‘Uttarakhand’ in different ways and tones which commemorates the Uttarakhand disaster.

The people grew curious on hearing the unexpected sound that came from loud speakers positioned at random, unknown places and were equally anxious as to what was going to happen further.

“I was inspired by the unusual sound of the underwater creatures and thought that it should be reproduced to some meaningful form,” says Onchery, when asked about the conceptualization of his art work. “The sound was recorded right in the midnight with the help of my friends and I did not find the same sound in the campus thereafter,” adds Onchery on the rare sound that he happened to record during one of his walks in the campus.

The installation which has travelled from the studios to the public gathering was appreciated with loud applause from the listeners. “The subject and the feeling it brought was great. The concept was new and the explanation indeed was impressive,” says Sunil bhayya, a shop owner, who has been a keen listener throughout the session.

The sound created an emotional web just like, what Uttarakhand would have undergone, during the disaster. The sound installation dramatically changed the ambience of the shopping complex premises as the music gained more volume and tempo.

“Shopping complex possesses a particular ambience and I was attempting to disrupt it through my sounds. The mood of the place was shifted to a different level after the installation,” Onchery said, mentioning that it was exactly what he wanted to do with this innovative approach.

Each concept deserves a specific medium for its execution and no other medium could bring about the same effect. “If I had used a different medium I would not have got this response,” mentions Onchery.

The installation has happened with the co-ordination of many elements. The editing of the sound was done by Midhuna. P. S. from the Department of Communication and technical support was provided by Jijo. K. Mathew. from the Department of Theatre Arts.

“Something of my imagination was given shape through the public sound installation and I would love to expand it to larger grounds if situations favor my way,” mused Onchery.