Philip in the football field

Philip in the football field

Saloni N

Tyson, Jonu, Simba, Sundar, Kimbo, Prithvi, Philip. You may be wondering what are these names, people or some other thing? These are actually the names of few of the popular dogs on campus that can be seen all over, the hostels, Gops, all have their own territory and their own admirers and one amongst them is Philip, usually seen around the shopping complex (aka shop com). Handsome, friendly, kind, faithful and loyal are some of the adjectives used to describe him reflecting his popularity.

He is a pretty golden colour and has a collar around his neck with his age unknown though some students estimate he is 5-6 years old. On who gave him his name VL Hruaitluangi, a student of History department says, “His name was given by an ex-student Delson Notlia and he also has a girlfriend Sato/Jonu.”

The collar he wears around his neck is courtesy the students and he has had more than one collar. Ruben says, “One was collar made from a leather belt by a senior doing PhD in history department and the other two were bought by an ex-student. R. Lalhruailiana another student adds, “If I’m not mistaken, his first collar was a handmade collar made by Achhuana Hmar (PhD, History) and the material used was an old leather belt. After the collar leather wore out, the next collar i.e. his present collar was bought from a pet shop by James Tunglut (ex-student).”

Philip is vaccinated and neutered. On how students know they said it is because of the cut on his ear. R. Lalhruailiana says, “There was this one incident in 2011 when the Blue Cross of Hyderabad had taken him away for about 1 month and I believe that they gave him vaccination at that time.”

On campus though there isn’t any particular initiative to feed the dogs there are those who just love animals and who feed and bathe and care for the dogs.

Several students commented on his eating habits with one saying that Philip loves all kinds of food except spicy food and especially loves meat. VL Hruaitluangi adds, “Mostly we give him Tiger biscuit which he likes to eat as much as he can. He likes whatever we give as far as I know except 50-50 biscuits.” Another student adds that the dogs are regularly fed with biscuits, patty and milk at late night when shop keepers are about to close their shops.

Motilal, owner of Shiv Shakti Traders at shop com concurs this adding that students buy biscuits and milk packets and he himself feeds them adding that it is the reason they inhabit shop com.