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Pilot the puppy

Pilot the puppy

There is no psychiatrist in the world like a puppy licking your face”. – Physiologist Ben Williams.

Make your way to the shopping complex (aka shop com) and one cannot miss the number of dogs there and the six very cute puppies, estimated to be born somewhere at the end of May or June .

I come to shop com from class just to meet with the pups,” says Poulami a student at the university echoing the sentiments of several others like her. These puppies are so loved that the students have named them and also put collars around their necks that magically seem to disappear due to what some students say “their neck getting thicker.”

Ruben Lalruatfela a student says that their mother Jonu gave birth to 8 puppies in total amongst which only six are left. These remaining six puppies have created a space for themselves in the students heart and have their own distinct identity.

The six have been named Alex, Ngongkang, Ichy, Pilot, Bane and Paris by students of the Mizo community and are extremely playful and can be seen sunning themselves under the trees, playing with students, running behind bicycles etc.

R. Lalhruailiana a student from the Department of Sociology says that there are 3 males Pilot, Alex and Bane and 3 females Ngongkang, Ichy and Paris. The names have been given by different students and on inquiring it was revealed that Alex has been named by Chingngaih (Ph.D History), Ichy by VL Hruaitluangi (History), Bane by Boboihi (Ph.D Psychology) and Pilot by Puitea (Ph.D Sociology), while the names of the students who named the other two remained indeterminable.

Expressing his love for them R. Lalhruailiana adds, “Like all babies of any species, the shop com puppies play a lot. They run a lot and wrestle one other and sometimes, they even fight amongst themselves to get an extra attention from us, humans.”


A student at Shop Com with Alex  Coutesy: Poulami

A student at Shop Com with Alex
Coutesy: Poulami

The students can been seen buying biscuits and other food items to feed them .On being asked about their being vaccinated some students replied that they don’t know while some said that they are planning on getting it done.

Playing with dogs is a great way to de-stress and decompress and with exams on the horizon spending a few minutes playing with puppies won’t hurt.