By Donboklang Majaw

After the live album Reunion (1998), this is the first ever re-union that Black Sabbath has had with Ozzy Osbourne. Read on the review of their most recent album, Black Sabbath -13.

Album Cover


For a band that is synonymous with Metal, it’s quite a privilege for me as I review this album by Black Sabbath. As a modern Sabbath fan, I was drawn more to the Heaven and Hell album (1980) than the earlier ones. There is a sort of a polite conflict between fans as to who is more amended: Ozzy Osbourne or Ronnie James Dio (RIP). But I have always had a pre-judgemental notion about the band being polluted with the presence of the ‘sold out TV dad’ Ozzy.  The reunion has been tormenting the public since 2011 even while reeling under the loss of the titan who carried the name of god – Dio (1942-2010). However, this album turns out to be a chef-d’oeuvre in its own mode.

Warning: Bill Ward is not there in this album, instead fan-boy Brad Wilk  from Rage Against the Machine filled the vacancy.

The songs and their moods

The kick-starter, End of the Beginning is more than just an intro to the rest of the riff-packed album. It is ‘this’ song that motivates you to traffic through the rest of the song list. As expected, heavy metal and doom collide in Black Sabbath’s 13 with Iommi’s crunching, stoning guitar riffs and Ozzy’s vocal resonance or rather, the epiphanic lack of it. This album takes you back to the 1971’s Master of Reality experience along with the doom/sludge feel and polished euphony as found in The Devil You Know. God is Dead correlates with the sloppiness and heaviness of the instrumentation that Sabbath had re-invented during the Dio-years with brilliant songwriting and vocal skills. Ozzy’s rejoinder is indeed an outstanding one with the usual odd-pronunciation of the lyrics addled with their off-beat rhythms to the re-invented song-structure. He did an amazing job with Zeitgeist that could well be placed alongside or somewhere in between Solitude and Planet Caravan. Enough said. You should go and give this album a try yourself. Something tells me that if you are here reading this then it is definitely not to dig out the grammatical errors and typos.

For those who are not familiar with Sabbath or Heavy Metal as a genre, this album was released in 10th June this year and is the 19th album recorded by the band ever since their inception in 1968. And if you find it difficult to listen and cruise through the heavy playlist, I would suggest you to try Zeitgeist. It is soft (giggles)! Other ornamental pieces on this album are: God is Dead, Peace of Mind, Damaged Soul and Methadermic. Hope this helps.