By Krishnaram

Buses parked at the University

Buses parked at the University
Photo: Krishnaram

The University of Hyderabad is planning to buy two new buses with an expected cost of 18 lakhs rupees each. Currently UoH has 4 bus and 6 Mahindra Setwins, some of which were bought about 18-20 years ago.

Apart from that, the State Bank of India donated a bus for the physically challenged two years ago. Unfortunately, the authorities had to use it to meet the increased demands of people in the university, including school children, who had to be transported from Lingampally and Vattinagulapally to the university.

According to the Motor Vehicle Act, all vehicles should have certificates of registration, that are valid for  a period of 15 years, and are renewable for an additional period of 5 years. UoH is paying the necessary taxes required for running the buses from Golden Threshold to UoH.

For the past couple of years the increasing number of students in South Campus and the establishment of schools such as School of Life Sciences, Engineering and Technology etc. has generated a demand for new buses.

“In order to meet the minimal requirement of the campus students, faculty members and visitors, and for smooth running of classes we are planning to buy two new buses”, said Ganapati.T, Transport-in-Charge of the University of Hyderabad.

The University management is said to be approaching the Ministry of Human Resources and UGC for release of funds.