By Jeevan Kumar

University of Hyderabad (UoH) has amended it’s health insurance policy by adding the payments of hospital charges under the coverage. While the previous health insurance policy did not cover the hospital charges and nursing charges, the new policy allows the beneficiaries to get both along with few other facilities like basic diagnostic charges, out patient and consultant charges up to 1500 rupees.

For the first time a private insurance company, Universal Sompo General Insurance Co. Ltd has got UoH’s health insurance contract for this year. The university is spending 1,878,658 rupees every year on the premium alone.

The University’s new health insurance policy which benefits 4,500 students of the campus covers all the registered health card holders but they have to be below the age of 35 to get the benefit of the policy. The process of insurance claims has been made easy to save time, in case of an emergency. Health centre staff will help students to consult the Third Party Assurance (TPA) person who mediates between the hospitals and insurance company. He will take care of the formalities at hospital and the payment as well.

Limits in the coverage:  Pre-existing and congenital diseases, drug and alcohol abuse or any other self-injury and suicide attempt cases will not be insured as per the policy copy of the Insurance Company.

“Recently I underwent a surgery for my nose in a local corporate hospital. The final bill came out around 22,000 rupees. Entire amount was paid by the Insurance Company. Without this policy I could not have got proper treatment. Moreover the process of claiming was very easy,” says Sandeep, an MA student from Department of Theatre Arts.

Students can claim insurance amount up to 50,000 rupees in a year regardless of the time intervals. Basic treatment is being provided in the campus health centre and doctors here suggest corporate hospitals if they feel that students needs further treatment. Diseases like severe fever which result in hospitalization and surgeries lead to the majority of insurance claims.

“Earlier students had to pay some amount despite having an insurance coverage. We don’t want our students to face any issues regarding health. Hence we have introduced these new changes in the favour of students,” said Prof. B.V. Sharma, Dean of Student’s Welfare (DSW). “We have noticed that some students prefer the corporate hospitals for even small problems though our health centre is capable of treating them. I request all students to utilize health centre facilities and spare their insurance amount for emergencies,” he added.

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What if you lose your Health Card?

Those who lose their health card can get an E-Card from M. Nagraju or they can also apply for new card at DSW office. It contains the details of every health card holder. More than 100 private hospitals in Hyderabad accept the E-Card.