By Rebecca G

The UoH Centre for Studies of Foreign Languages (CSFL) held their Language Mela on Saturday, 26th October. The mela was inaugurated by the chief guest, the Pro Vice Chancellor of the University, Dr. Hari Babu.

The stalls were decorated with items from the different countries where languages are spoken, with Spain, France, Russia, Turkey, Arabic, Chinese, Japanese and Korean being represented by the various students studying the language and their teachers. The Spanish stall had information on South American countries as well as Spain.  A beautiful model of an Inca temple and a sombrero was made by the students. The Turkish stall had exquisite porcelain tea cups, vases and plates on display with hand painted motifs.  The French stall sported the Eiffel tower and posters of french cities.  Their German counterpart had an impressive display of books with illustrations of German cities and culture.  The Arabic stall had charts with the beautiful calligraphic script on the basics of the language.  The Chinese stall displayed motifs and art work while the Japanese stall had many pictorial elements. The Russian stall had a set of Russian dolls, the national flag, a chaineek (or samovar) and a paper model replica of St. Basil’s Cathedral in the Red Square of Moscow.

 The students were heard greeting visitors in the different languages that they were learning and giving information about the different objects in their stalls.  Some students were even seen dressed in full costumes; one student was dressed as a sheik.

The food at the mela was a great hit. The language professors each prepared a dish for their stall.  The Turkish stall provided tea to visitors all day.

The Menu at the Language Mela
Chocolate Muffins
Russian Salad
Turkish Delight and Tea
Russian Salad  

Skits and songs were performed in various languages after the chief guest was shown the language stalls.

Games were also organised by the language professors and their students. The French students had organised a geography test asking visitors to mark major cities on a map of France while the Russian students had their visitors playing games to learn Russian words.

 A general joie de vivre was apparent in the hall with students from different departments interacting with each other and experiencing new cultures. The mela was completed at 4pm with hot tea and vadas offered by the department.